[JesusCoin Cryptocurrency] Is Jesus Coin Real? [Jesus Coin Price]

IS JesusCoin Cryptocurrency REAL?


I hope most of you have already heard about JesusCoin cryptocurrency.It was my long wish to introduce this cryptocurrency on my blog.As always before moving further don't forget to check my last article on CoinSpot.

According to the creator of JesusCoin, it has been developed as the currency of the God's son.JesusCoin sees all the Christians across the globe as the potential customer.The founders of this cryptocurrency believe that it may become de-facto currency for all bad Christians.The company behind Jesus Coin believes that it will overtake $40 billion Mormon church by 2030 and will also surpass the Catholic church $1 trillion valuations by 2050.

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Trust me guys the only reason for writing a blog post on 'JesusCoin' is the name of this cryptocurrency.

I did some research to find out more about this cryptocurrency as I was not satisfied with the amount of information available on the company website.

Let's begin with the JesusCoin Market Cap.

jesus coin price

I am not very confident and happy with the current market position of the JesusCoin cryptocurrency.As you can very well see Market Cap in terms of Bitcoin is just 319 BTC which doesn't sound promising to me.Another not so good thing is a huge number of circulating as well as the total supply of the JesusCoin.

Already I have discussed in the previous article, It is not a good sign for the cryptocurrency to have a huge number of circulating supply.

As mentioned in the whitepaper of JesusCoin, this altcoin will take the Jesus back from the churches who according to this company has been won and sell by the churches.The company further says that they have a strong belief in the success of this cryptocurrency and will try there best to take this cryptocurrency to almost all the Christians.

[JesusCoin Cryptocurrency Team]

Jesus Christ is listed as Founder and CEO.
Other key members are as follows

  • James -Customer Service.
  • Saint Peter -Public Relations.
  • Augustus Caesar-Team Manager. 
  • Philip-Blockchain Developer.
  • Herode-CFO.
  • Bartholomew-Business Development.
  • Jesus’s Donkey-Customer Service.
  • Judas Iscariot-Trustee.

[JesusCoin Features]

  • Sin Forgiving.
  • Faster Transaction Speed.
  • Fast P2P Transactions.
  • Saves from Hell.
  • Portfolio Growth.

[JesusCoin ICO]

  • JesusCoin crowd sale took place between 12th September 2017 and 12th November 2017.
  • 1ETH=12 JC is the initial offering.

[JesusCoin Exchange]

JesusCoin Exchange


Conclusion: Already this altcoin has raised 148 ETH in crowd sale.The tokens are relatively expensive and priced at 1 ETH=12 JC.

It's too early to say whether this is a pump and dump scheme or a legit one.You need to wait and watch before doing any investment in this cryptocurrency.I will never recommend buying tokens or investing in this altcoin for first few months.

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