[Cryptopia Exchange Fees] Is Cryptopia Legit or Scam? [How to buy coins on Cryptopia?]

How to buy coin on Cryptopia exchange?

Cryptopia Exchange Review

I was planning from a couple of weeks to write an article on Cryptopia cryptocurrency exchange.I have seen its popularity growing day by day.I will try my best to cover all the important points related to Cryptopia exchange.Trust me Guys, you are sure gonna enjoy this blog post on Cryptopia.

Cryptopia is a legitimate cryptocurrency exchange registered in New Zealand under the name Cryptopia Limited.The company was founded by Robert Dawson and Adam Clark way back in 2014 with a clear motive to develop a peer-to-peer cryptocurrency exchange.In order to achieve it, Cryptopia came up with a cryptocurrency marketplace where you can buy, sell and trade almost everything using cryptocurrency.Seriously, Guys, I have loved this idea and the success of Cryptopia can only put more light on this kind of business model.

Cryptopia is trying to penetrate the cryptocurrency exchange market by providing an opportunity to trade in almost any cryptocurrency.At present Cryptopia ranks under 60 in the list of 'best cryptocurrency exchange in 2018'. The ranking is done considering the volume of the transaction as the deciding factor.Cryptopia is emphasizing on quantity rather than quality.If you see the top ten cryptocurrency exchange they trade only on a limited number of cryptocurrencies.In case of Cryptopia you can almost find any cryptocurrency you wanna trade on this exchange.In short, the listing is huge.


I recommend to use a soundproof room for the cryptocurrency trading purpose.

The thing that has attracted me towards Cryptopia exchange is the innovative marketplace.I am simply loving it.Unlike other marketplaces, here you can only trade using cryptocurrency.You can't use fiat money at all.It sounds really different to me.

cryptopia marketplace


This feature helps the cryptocurrencies traders to get well informed in advance about the bitcoin and other altcoin listed on other cryptocurrency exchange.A lot of time being well informed about any cryptocurrency helps you to take the calculated risk and make money.


This section of the Cryptopia website gives you all the information about 500 cryptocurrencies listed on this exchange.It's good to have this information in place while trading to capitalize on the opportunities.

cryptopia cryptocurrency coinfo

  • Network.
  • Connection Number.
  • Overall Rating.
  • Block Height.
  • Listing Status.
  • Wallet Status.

Under this service, Cryptopia provides promotional tools on a monthly subscription.It can help you to list the cryptocurrency and take advantage of the promotional activities.


A lottery system is available on Cryptopia which you can play and win first second and third prizes.


Cryptopia has a mining platform named Mineshaft.

[All you need to know about Cryptopia currency support]

If you are interested in doing cryptocurrency trading using fiat money then Cryptopia is NOT the right cryptocurrency exchange for you.This exchange has minimal fiat money option and the company strategy is to encourage the use of cryptocurrencies.You can deposit fiat money only if you have an account in New Zealand bank.These transactions will take some take some time as they are done using an online support ticket.

The process is simple and the minimum deposit is $25 NZD.You need to provide the bank details on there contact form and request a transaction.

In case you are interested in a rapid and smooth transaction then you need to use the cryptocurrency and not fiat money for the transaction.

You can trade in more than 400+ cryptocurrencies and the best part is it includes Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum etc.

cryptopia cryptocurrency search

The first and foremost thing is to register at Cryptopia exchange.The process of registration is not different from registering at other cryptocurrency exchange like Binance etc.Once you have registered for the exchange by verifying your personal details and email, you can start trading.You can search for any cryptocurrency of your choice and then decide on investing.

The market summary of the exchange gives you an idea about the development in the market in the last 24 hours.

cryptopia cryptocurrency market summary

                          [Do you know that you can add a coin on Cryptopia?]

This is something you are gonna love.Yes ! you heard it right.You can add a coin to Cryptopia. To make it simple I will explain you the process step-by-step.

  • Go to Paytopia and hit 'buy now' for an exchange listing.
  • Now you have to fill the required information about the coin such as name, ticker, algorithm, network type, currency website etc.
  • You need to pay 5 million DOT for submitting the information.
  • This cost includes the reviewing of the information and then adding it to the website.

                            [How good is Cryptopia for advance traders?]

According to me, It shouldn't be the favorite choice for the advanced traders. Cryptopia is good for those who are mostly interested in buying and holding the cryptocurrency. Frankly speaking the interface of Cryptopia is little outdated and less user-friendly as compared to the exchanges like Binance. This cryptocurrency exchange doesn't provide advanced trading features.

Seriously, Guys, If you are habituated of using Binance, Kucoin etc then you are not gonna love this exchange.

                                 [Do you know about Cryptopia rewards?]

To my understanding, Cryptopia reward is a strategic move by the company.The process is very simple.You are rewarded for completing the task such as chatting, finding blocks, voting, inserting mining share etc.You can check out the reward history on the Cryptopia website.

  • Each coin has 161 rewards.
  • These rewards are further sub-divided into 1 (five percent),10 (one percent), 50 (0.1 percent) and 100 (0.01 percent) rewards.

                                            [How much is Cryptopia Fee?]

  • Market Trade Fee=0.2 percent for every trade.
  • Cryptopia charges you an additional withdrawal fee which totally depends upon the blockchain you are using.
cryptopia fees trading

[How to use Cryptopia cryptocurrency exchange?]

To use Cryptopia cryptocurrency exchange, the first thing you need to do is to register.The process of registration is very simple.You need to fill your name, email and then submit.A confirmation mail will be sent.You need to confirm the mail.Once done you can log in and start trading.

cryptopia login

Cryptopia cryptocurrency exchange uses two-factor verification.You need to enter the pin code sent to your mail.It gives an additional layer of security to your account.

cryptopia two factor authentication

In short, anyone can use this cryptocurrency exchange with a minimal supervision.

[Cryptopia-Pros and Cons]

  • Crypto Marketplace.
  • A large number of cryptocurrency supported.
  • A wide variety of currency pairs.

  • Cumbersome withdrawal and deposit process.
  • Customer support NOT great.
  • Withdrawal fee varies from case to case.

                                   [Conclusion: Is Cryptopia Legit?]

I will give it a rating of (3) on the scale of (5).Definitely, this exchange is a great choice for the cryptocurrency traders from New Zealand.Trust me Guys, a lot is happening on this website.I have said this before also that the cryptocurrency marketplace is really very exciting and certainly to watch for.I hate the minimal support it provides for the fiat currency and time taken in the transaction.Overall I will recommend it but NOT wholeheartedly.


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