[CoinSpot] Is CoinSpot Legit? [CoinSpot Affiliate]

Is CoinSpot Legit?

                                      [Is CoinSpot Legit?]

WOW! I simply can't believe the kind of response you have given to my last article on Cardano ADA. Trust me guys this kind of support really gives you support and motivates you to come up with yet another superlative article.Today we will be discussing CoinSpot in the way never done before.

Before we discuss in depth about this Australian cryptocurrency exchange, don't forget to read the detailed article on Binance which is also the world's fastest-growing cryptocurrency exchange.

                                                     [What is CoinSpot?]

  • Multi Cryptocurrency Wallet.
  • Built-in Trading Features.
  • Validation is Centralized.
  • Security is Third Party.
  • Anonymity is Medium.
  • User-Friendly Wallet.
CoinSpot is an Australian exchange founded in 2013.The long-term strategy of CoinSpot is to develop and support cryptocurrency community and thus lay the foundation of the digital currency ecosystem.We all are aware that the cryptocurrency ecosystem is in a nascent stage.The entire world is divided into two groups.Some are seeing it as a digital innovation and future of trading while others are against it supporting their own logic.In case you want to know my view then I will say wait and watch as the year 2018 will be the deciding one.

Let's Begin
CoinSpot has helped loads and loads of Australian to get used to cryptocurrency world.You will not believe but CoinSpot is popular among new as well as experienced cryptocurrency traders.The best thing I love about CoinSpot is the user-friendly interface.Anyone can use it to store coin and do the trading.Russell Wilson is the founder of this exchange.This cryptocurrency exchange offers the trading option in Australian Dollar(AUD) and supports almost 20 altcoins.Depending upon the success of this exchange and it's future demanding, we may expect a huge addition in cryptocurrency number.
A note from Mr. Russell Wilson will help all of us to understand the origin of CoinSpot.Check this out.

                                         [Step-by-Step CoinSpot Registration Process]

CoinSpot Registration Process

Firstly you need to go to the Website and fill the registration form by providing your credentials.

CoinSpot Registration Form

In the Referred by email option, you can submit abhijat.ece@gmail.com.

Once you have filled your credentials and clicked register
then you will have to tick mark the security page for better understanding I am attaching the screenshot.
CoinSpot Security Reminder
Once you have read and tick mark the above boxes you need to simply click 'I Understand' tab.

Now we will discuss the various display component of CoinSpot exchange.

CoinSpot enable 2FA

This cryptocurrency exchange gives you an option to enable 2FA.By doing so you will add an additional layer of security to your wallet.

CoinSpot deposit Withdrawl
Once you have registered, the next step is to verify your email account.Once you have verified your account, you need to log in to the account.After login, you can deposit or withdraw in the Australian dollar.
As shown in the screenshot you need to fill the amount in the space provided and then click deposit or withdraw tab as per your need.

Once you click the 'Deposit AUD' tab, It will ask you to verify your account before moving further.

CoinSpot Deposit Funds

For verifying your account, you need to follow the following steps.
  • Verify email.
  • Verify Phone Number.
CoinSpot email and phone verification.
  • Verify Account Holder Details.
CoinSpot Account Holder Verification

To verify your account, you need to fill the account details like your name, address, and DOB.You also have an option to link your Facebook profile.
Next, you have to select the Account type and upload screenshot of documents for the verification.
CoinSpot Document Upload

You can select an individual, business, and self-managed super fund.You have to upload identify proof and residency proof documents.

CoinSpot Verification Photo
The last step in the verification process is 'CoinSpot Verification Photo'.You need to upload the picture along with a handwritten note as shown in the above screenshot.
After uploading the pics, you need to click the 'submit for verification' button.Once you are done with the above process, you will get an account verification mail in a couple of days.

CoinSpot New Coin

I have really loved the CoinSpot cryptocurrency exchange dashboard.It also shows the new coins added to the exchange.
CoinSpot Popular Coins

CoinSpot also tells us about the popular coins.This is very beneficial in case you are making your mind to invest in popular coins.

CoinSpot Popular Coin today

The dashboard also shows the coins which are popular every day.Remember this may vary from popular coins.In case you are interested in intraday investment or short-term investment then you need to use the above information.

CoinSpot Recent Movers

You can see the hourly movement of the cryptocurrency.The best part is you can buy the coin by clicking the buy tab.

CoinSpot Wallet

                                                 As you can see from the screenshot, rightmost screenshot will give you an option to open wallet for respective coins.There is a column which will show the total balance you have for any specific cryptocurrency.By clicking the 'see all wallets' you can find all the wallets available.

Now I am going to talk about the CoinSpot Affiliate.You can earn a good amount of money by referring others.The commission will not be paid for one time rather it will be paid for the lifetime of the customer.
CoinSpot charge fee for each transaction and makes a profit.

CoinSpot pays you 25% of the net fees they collect. 

In case you have referred someone and he does trading on CoinSpot then you will receive 25% of the following: 

2% of AUD Buy/Sell for Bitcoin.
3% of AUD Buy/Sell for other Cryptocurrencies.
0.5% of the Trades between different Cryptocurrencies.

Conclusion: I hope this article will add some value.I will recommend you to try this cryptocurrency exchange and mail me your feedback.In case of any doubt do comment in the comment section and I will be more than happy to clear your doubt.


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