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How To Make Money On YouTube

                        [How To Make Money On YouTube]

Hi Guys! Hope you all are doing great.Thank you once again for the overwhelming response.As per your demand, I will be discussing the topic "How to make money on YouTube" in detail.
I will be covering the below points in this article.Please do let me know in the comment section in case I have missed out anything.

  • How to make money on youtube ?.
  • How to get paid on youtube ?.
  • Latest updates on youtube monetization.
  • How much does youtube pay?
  • How much money do YouTubers make?

YouTube is one of the best methods to earn money online.You can see lots of videos getting uploaded to YouTube every day.If I talk about India then you will be astonished to know that there are many YouTubers who do a living on YouTube.In this article, we will be more interested in discussing the YouTube ecosystem.I will also discuss in detail one of the frequently asked question i,e 'How to earn money on YouTube without using Adsense'.

Online earning is getting crazy day by day.Can you guess the number of videos available on youtube on the topic 'How to earn money from youtube'?

I hope screenshots will clear your doubt.Do you let me know in case you guessed it right?

how to earn money on youtube

See the search results.


how to get paid on youtube

So, I hope you would have understood the importance of the topic 'How to earn money on YouTube'?

Do you have any idea about the origin of YouTube?
Can you guess the first video uploaded to YouTube?
Again, Can you guess the total number of views on the first YouTube Video?

YouTube was started by three former PayPal employees-Chad HurleySteve Chen, and Jawed Karim-in February 2005.

Check out the first video uploaded on YouTube by one of its co-founder Mr. Jawed Karim and don't forget to take a look at the total number of views on the video.

The video clip is just 18 seconds with the caption 'Me at the Zoo'.
If ever I get an opportunity to meet Mr. Jawed, the first question I will ask him is that 'How sure he was about such a huge success of YouTube'?
The second question would be 'What was the need to sell YouTube so early"?

I think you must be having these questions in your mind or even many more.' An idea can change your life' and this saying is very true in the case of YouTube.

When I will start talking about 'How much money do YouTubers make', then definitely you will think why haven't you have your own channel on YouTube?

Let's begin.

                            [How to make money on YouTube?]

We can make money on YouTube via various ways.One of the important methods is to earn money using Google Adsense.

What is Google Adsense and how does it work on YouTube?

A free service provided by Google to monetize your videos or blogs.Google tries to match an advertisement to the content of your videos and place advertisement accordingly.Google Adsense will pay you for the advertisement placed on your videos.Advertisers associated with Google will bid for the ad space available on your videos and the highest bidder will place their ad.Once any viewer will click on these advertisements, then the advertiser will be charged and the revenue generated will be shared between you and YouTube.

[What things you should avoid while using Google Adsense?]

Though Google Adsense pays a lot and many YouTubers are earning to such an extent that you can't even imagine but you have to keep few things in your mind else your Google Adsense account may get disabled. First and foremost thing is never to click on your own advertisement.Google will never tolerate it and your account will be blocked at the earliest.Secondly, never ask your viewers to click on the advertisement because Google will consider it as fraudulent.

Google wants that the viewer should click on any advertisement only in case of interest towards it.

Let's discuss the other ways to earn money from YouTube.

Any Guess?

Yes, you heard it right.We are going to talk about affiliate marketing.I have already written an in-depth article on top paying affiliate programs.

You will be astonished to know that the majority of the income of the successful bloggers and YouTubers are not from Adsense but are from affiliate marketing.Trust me Guys, in case you have a channel related to cooking, travel or technology then you are simply gonna rock.One thing I forget to mention that your channel must have a decent number of the subscriber and good engagement.If both the above-mentioned things are in place then just good ahead and do some unboxing or do a review of some good product and give your viewers the reason for buying the product.In the description of the video put the affiliate link to the product you have reviewed.The more the engagement the better will be the conversion.Remember one thing you will get paid once someone buys the product by clicking on your link.
Let's do the calculation for your better understanding.

Suppose you are reviewing a product which cost $1000.
The product is available on Amazon and you will be paid a ten percent commission on conversion of your affiliate link.

You got a view of 100000.
10 percent clicked on the link.
Out of them, only 1 percent bought the product.
1% of 10000=1000

So Total Revenue=1000*1000=$1000000
10 percent of  $1000000=$100000

So you will earn $100000.

Affiliate marketing is totally a number game.The more you have subscriber the better you will earn.

Another way to earn from your YouTube channel is through sponsored videos. You would have seen a sponsored advertisement on the television channel.It is somewhat same.

To get the sponsored videos advertisement you need to have 5000 YouTube subscribers.You can log into famebit and get your first sponsored video.

Another method is Pay Per Download.This type of earning is good for those YouTube channels which does software reviews and upload videos related to games.
Sharecash and Dollarupload are some of the websites you can consider for YouTube monetization.

                                    [How to get paid on youtube?]

how much does youtube pay

I have time and again said that never underestimate the earning from youtube.It may take few months or a year to start earning on youtube but once you get going, no one can stop you.I again repeat no one.You may contradict my statement by saying that above earning is for foreign countries and CPC is very high.Then check the below one.I will suggest you, start from at least three channels and then grow it into clusters.
YouTube Monetization

[Create a channel for YouTube monetization]

To create a channel you need an internet connection, a laptop or desktop, and an email.Before creating your channel at least go through some videos and articles related to best practices and YouTube guidelines.One of the important steps is to select the name of your channel.Select the name of the channel in such a way that it tells about your business core theme.

[Select a niche for YouTube monetization]

Selecting a niche is as important as making your channel.YouTube monetization can largely depend on the niche you have selected to make videos.If you ask my choice then I will say you to make videos surrounding your passion or some topics or work that excites you to the core.

Suppose you love painting then you can show your talent to the world.First, discover your hidden talent or the quality you are best at and then turn it into YouTube monetization by making great videos.
You can find lots of YouTubers who have the first mover advantage because of the select of a niche which doesn't exist before.

I have just shared a list of five YouTubers but the list is never-ending.Since the investment is almost negligible so you can find lots of YouTube channels getting created every day.

[For YouTube monetization content strategy should be in place]

Always remember 'Content is the King' and most of the time a great content goes viral.

I will say you to create a unique content which depicts freshness.Once you are starting your channel, work on some fresh and creative ideas related to your niche and come up with the contents never seen before.Trust me Guys, the result will an awe-inspiring for you.

Let's discuss it with an example.Suppose I am planning to start a channel on Cryptocurrency.Then I need to plan the number of videos, topics covered in each video and so on.It should come as the tutorial and my viewers should get benefited by watching the videos.

Always remember to add value to the customer and they should feel that their time has been utilized.

[Social Platform plays a crucial role in YouTube monetization]

After you have created your first video, you will be definitely looking for views and engagement on your video.So how to get that done?

Always keep in mind that as a starter you don't have subscriber so you need to take help of the social media platform.You need to be very active on social media platform and start sharing your videos on all the possible platform.In case you have a good content your video will definitely go viral else you will get the feedback to improve your video.For you its a win-win situation in both the case.

One thing I forget to mention is to maintain consistency in uploading videos to your channel.At least try to upload a video per day or a minimum of three videos in a week to see the result in a couple of months.Getting the first 1000 subscriber is the toughest.Henceforth, works become easy.Once you get your first 1000 subscriber then you are on right track.

                             [Latest updates on youtube monetization]

YouTube has rolled out new rules for youtube monetization.According to the new rule, you can apply for monetization only when you have a minimum of 1000 subscriber and a watch time of 4000 hours over a period of 12 months.
This rule may seem to be tough for the new creators but It's a good step to improve the quality of the content.

Riley Dignan, a YouTube creator, has posted a video on the new rules of YouTube monetization and raised the concern for YouTubers with a small number of the subscriber.

Time will only say that whether YouTube is going to stick with its decision or may change in future.
If you will ask me, I will definitely support YouTube decision because it's really good for the future of creators.Most of the creators will face now entry-level competition which will lead to the creation of some great content.A creator who is creating a good content will always survive.Any creator with good content and posting 3 to 4 videos a week can easily achieve 4000 watch hours.

Christine Barger has a different take altogether on new YouTube monetization policy.She is requestioning her subscribers and followers to run her video in the background so that she can complete 4000 hours.It is a very emotional moment for her.There are many new YouTubers who are going through such emotions.

                                                   [How much does youtube pay?]

Once you are through the criteria of 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours, you can apply for YouTube monetization.To get your first YouTube payment you have to wait for $100.Once you reached this threshold amount YouTube will release your payment and henceforth you will be paid on monthly basis.

YouTube only pays if any viewer clicks on the advertisement or watches for 30 seconds.Advertiser chooses ads on a cost per click (CPC) or cost per view (CPV) model.The more the viewers have engagement with ads on your video the better will be your earning.

No one can predict how much he or she can earn from a video.The earning through YouTube monetization is totally independent of the number of views.

YouTube has a payment cycle and in most of the cases, YouTube pays between 15th and 25th of every month.

how much does YouTube pays

There is no hard and fast rule but on an average YouTube pays according to the above-shown calculation.
1 million views can get you lots of money.Give your best and try to create superlative content.
YouTube monetization is simply the number game.

                                                [How much money do YouTubers make?]

how much money do YouTuber's make

Remember your success starts at 1000000 subscribers.You will not believe but today there are around 2000 channels with 1 million subscribers.
how much money do YouTubers make
                                                                 credit: Influencermarketinghub


Conclusion: I hope you would have sure loved reading the article 'how to make money on YouTube'.Kindly do let me know if I missed out anything.


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