How To Grow Website Traffic

How to Grow Website Traffic

How To Grow Website Traffic

Most awaited one!Seriously!
Trust me guys I had to do lots of homework to get into a position where I think I can do justice to "How to Grow Website Traffic".It's not only a very interesting topic but also a topic which is much talked about.The beauty of the topic "How to Grow Website Traffic" is that it's an evergreen topic of discussion.For me, this topic was very mysterious when I started blogging and still the mystery continuous.Either you are planning to start blogging or you have just started or you are a matured blogger, in all the three stages you will be searching the answer to the mysterious topic "How to Grow Website Traffic".

This article is going to be very descriptive because I will discuss all the things, I have come across while researching for a satisfactory answer to this query.
I just typed the query 'How to Grow Website Traffic' in google to read the previous article on this topic Guys, I was astonished to see the number of articles available on this query.Any guess for the number?Ok......It's better I will share the screenshot.

How to Grow Website Traffic Using Website Traffic Stats

See the number it's Nine crores and forty-eight lakhs.After seeing this number first thought that came to my mind was to leave writing on this topic.The reason was very simple.It's very difficult to find something unique or different on this topic as some many articles have been written to date.But as the URL of this blog says I can't ever dare to quit.So Let's Begin.

We will start with a simple question.

[How to Grow Website Traffic to 1000 visitors per Day?]

This is a question which will come to every blogger's mind because for most of us when we started blogging thousand visitors per day was definitely a milestone.
So how can we proceed?

Case 1:1000 articles and 1 visitor per article per day=1000 visitors/day.

Case 2:100 articles and 10 visitors per article per day=1000 visitors/day.

Case 3:10 articles and 100 visitors per article per day=1000 visitors/day.

Case 4:1 articles and 1000 visitors per article per day=1000 visitors/day.

So I have to strategize into four different paths and every path has a different strategy and thought process.We will discuss each one.

Writing 1000 articles is not an easy task and If you have written genuine and new content then trust me you will always get more than one visitors per article.So, in this case, you will need to hire some content writer to make your task easy.I am not assuming the quality of content to be very high.It's more of a quantity rather than quality.

Quantity dominates Quality.

Coming to the second case.Here the number of articles is 100 so a decrease from the previous one and we need a ten times increase in the number of visitors.So we need to improve the quality of content.This case is mostly achievable by the bloggers who have just started or planning to start.

At least 10 views per day per article you can expect after you have written 100 articles.If you haven't achieved then you need to go back and check what went wrong?

Next is the case 3 and it's for those guys who are improving article by article.Definitely writing is an art but writing for Google is more than art.You don't have to write only but also have to write in such a manner than google understand. If you are getting 100 views per article per day it means some of your keywords are ranked on the first page and you are getting good organic traffic from some long tail keywords.It also says one thing that now you have a clear understanding of search engine optimization and you know " how to chose your keyword wisely".

Now let's move to the last part and it says you are getting thousand visitors per article.Even I want it.Who doesn't want? You will need to rank for high traffic keywords and on the first three position of the Google's first page.Here comes the practical implementation of all the strategy you have learned.This is a milestone.You have to give your 100 percent in creating the content and it should be better than anyone else.Always remember google gives preference to old content with a good number of backlinks.I am not saying that you can't do it but it will not be a cakewalk.

[How to Grow Website Traffic by Creating an Ecosystem of Social Media Platform?]

We all talk a lot about organic traffic and I too agree that it's the best traffic.But my question is What should I do if I am not getting organic traffic?Should I quit blogging?You can earn and grow your blog even though you are not having organic traffic.I will take an example of Apple company to make you understand.Apple slowly developed an ecosystem comprising of iPhones,iTunes,iPad,iPod etc which helped Apple to not only sustain against the odds but also to become one of the most successful company.Similarly, you develop your own ecosystem which will help you decrease dependency on organic traffic.Exploit the social media platform to the core.Use Facebook page, Facebook Group, Tumblr, Instagram, Google Plus, Twitter, LinkedIn etc to develop your own social community.You need to post regularly to gain the trust of your readers.If you are creating good content then your readers will sure share it and thus the traffic on your blog will start growing.Try to start collecting e-mail from the very first day of your blogging career.It will take some time to get the email of first 1000 subscriber and once you will get it, then it will be your first achievement in the field of blogging.You need to regularly nurture your subscriber to get a great response.

How to Grow Website Traffic using Social Media Platform

[How To Grow Website Traffic using Quora?]

Quora has around 200 million monthly users and it's one of the best places to get traffic.Suppose you are writing on "How to Grow Website Traffic".Just go to quora and search for this topic, write a brief synopsis and give the link of your blog.
I am attaching the below sample for your reference.

How to Grow Website Traffic using Quora

[How to Grow Website Traffic using Newsletter for your Blog?]

Once you have a good number of subscriber say 1000 then you can start sending them a weekly newsletter. It will help you in brand building and brand recall. Slowly and gradually you will start seeing good engagement. If you will nurture your subscriber list then they will help you to reach 10,000 fast and 100000 faster and so on. It's all the matter of your credibility and the strategy you have in place for your subscriber. Try to understand retaining the old subscriber is much easier than gaining new and then retaining. Your asset is your subscriber.

best way to grow website traffic

Remember always to attach the URL of your blog in your mail.It will help you to reach out to many individuals and slowly it will create a very good visitor list.Suppose you are sending emails to hundred people every day a conversion of 10% means 300 unique visitors per month.As a new blogger, even a single visitor will count.

I will now talk about one of the techniques that will surely help you in long run.Start a YouTube channel and give the link of your blog in all your videos.Once you reach 100 videos then see the magic.I am taking a minimum of 10 visitors clicking link on your video and you have 100 videos so YouTube will itself give you 1000 unique visitors per day.Remember but it will take time to build your subscriber base.

The sky is the limit and it's your effort and out of box thinking that will take you to next level.

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