[Amazon Go Review]How good is Amazon Go?

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Amazon Go Review

                                                 [What is Amazon Go?]

Amazon Go is a revolution and first of its kind brick-and-mortar grocery store.The store is situated in Seattle, Washington."Just Walkout" shopping experience is the theme of this grocery store.Here you don't need to do any payment.Simply you need to enter Amazon Go, pick up the product you want and simply walk away, rest will be taken care by Amazon Go.
Let's talk about Amazon Go into detail covering the below topics.
  • Amazon Go Technology.
  • Amazon Go Locations.
  • Amazon Go App.
  • Amazon Go Review.
Amazon Go brings to you a superlative kind of customer experience.You don't need to wait in a queue to do shopping or to do payment.Simple use the Amazon Go application and do the shopping.Finally, don't forget to say thanks to the Amazon Go application before leaving the store.
To understand it better check this video out of Amazon Go

Amazon Go is based on similar technology as are present in self-driving cars.Machine Learning, computer vision, and AI technologies are clubbed together to build Amazon Go application. It's so simple, just use the Amazon Go app to enter the store and then put away your phone and start shopping.Anything you pick up is added to your virtual cart.In case you change your mind and put back the product then the same will be removed from your virtual cart.Once you have done your shopping you can walk away.Amazon App will add the product in the virtual cart and deduct the amount from your account.

Simply Amazon Go! No Lines! No Checkouts.

                                          [What you can buy at Amazon Go?]

Amazon Go provides a variety of stuff but the USP is chef-designer Amazon Meal kit which includes all the ingredients to prepare the meal for two in 30 minutes.

Other than this they provide ready to eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner prepared in the coordination of on-site chef, local bakeries, and kitchen partners.

They also have the product of their top-selling brands.

                                         [How does Amazon Go work?]

amazon go technology

To use Amazon Go you need to have an Amazon account, Amazon Go app and a smartphone which support this application.
The store has cameras for facial recognition, biometrics and other information like username, password etc.

These cameras will take pictures when you are taking some product and will send the receipt once you left the store.The entire concept of Amazon Go is backed by AI. Needless to say that this technology is in the nascent stage now and over time it will mature.

An excerpt from Amazon Go official team

amazon go technology

Amazon filed a patent application in 2015.

                                                  [Where is Amazon Go store located?]

First Amazon Go grocery store location- 2131 7th Ave, Seattle, Washington

                                             [What is the future plan for Amazon Go?]

As per the reports from The Wall Street Journal, Amazon is planning to open around 2000 Amazon Go grocery and convenience store.As per the requirement and feasibility, Amazon Go can go for multiple formats to target rival Walmart.Only time will be speaking about the success of Amazon's latest retail revolution.

                                                 [When Amazon Go will be available?]

Monday 22, January 2018 was the day when Amazon Go opened the door for the general public and before this, the technology and entire concept was in beta phase testing and was only available for Amazon employees.

                                                [What is next plan for Amazon Go?]

Frankly speaking, it's too early to come to any conclusion.I think Amazon will take some time to correct the flaws if any in this revolutionary technology and in case everything works fine then Amazon may think of using AI to take the technology to next level.But one thing is sure, Success of Amazon Go is definitely going to put an end to retail theft.



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