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                                 [What is AmazonSmile?]

AmazonSmile is one of the best ways to support your charitable trust, every time you shop, at zero cost to you.In other words, we can infer that you are supporting your favorite charitable trust without paying a single penny.Using AmazonSmile, you can support a million organization.It is very simple, just you need to start using link.Before moving further I just want to clear your doubt that you will have the same experience as you have at The only difference is that every time you shop by logging through above link a portion of the revenue that Amazon generate by your purchase will be donated to your favorite charitable trust.  

                             [How much does the charity get from AmazonSmile?]

Amazon Prime Smile
AmazonSmile pays the charity 0.5 percent of the revenue Amazon, generates from you.To make it more clear let's understand it with an example.In case you are interested in donating $5 to the charity trust via AmazonSmile, then you need to do a purchase of $1000.

                                [How does AmazonSmile work?]

To use AmazonSmile, first and foremost thing is to log in to the website using the link

Amazon Smile Login

As you can see on the right side in the above screenshot, you have two options, either you can select a charity or you can pick your own charitable organization.I have indicated through the arrow.
In my case, I have selected from the option given by Amazon Smile.Once done AmazonSmile will navigate you to next page.
AmazonSmile Charities List

Here, you can see the current charity I have decided to support.AmazonSmile will also provide you the basic information about your charity trust as shown in the above pics like Mission, Programs, Location etc.In case you want you can change the charity as well.

Amazon Smile App

To frequently do charity, you need to shop at AmazonSmile and the best way is to create a bookmark for AmazonSmile.You can also install Amazon assistant.


When you are using AmazonSmile, you can see on your dashboard the amount of donation you have generated.The dashboard will also reflect the name of your current charity.AmazonSmile has also included one more tab which shows the total amount of charity received and currently it's showing $66,949,133.28.

The above amount of donation says all about the success of AmazonSmile.It's indeed a great philanthropy by Amazon and the success of it is definitely going to be the game changer.You may find the competitors of Amazon like Flipkart, eBay etc following the footprints.

So next time when you plan to shop on Amazon please do use the link Since the buyer doesn't have to bear any cost so I don't think that anyone will deny using this link.The only thing which is missing is awareness.Lots of people are not aware of it.

Please do share this article with as many people as you can because "sharing is caring".My intention behind penning down this article is to create awareness to the best of my capabilities.

Amazon has taken such a noble step and we should support it by not only shopping at AmazonSmile but also by spreading the awareness.
Conclusion: I recommend everyone to shop at AmazonSmile and help those who really need our support and help. 

#AmazonSmile is the hashtag on Twitter.


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