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This article is about a blockchain platform that promises to pay you points for watching and playing video games and trust me guys it's going to be very interesting one if you love games more than anything else.Unlike other articles, I have shared link at the top before writing anything because I want you to register first so that we all will be on the same page and it will be very easy for you to understand.In case you are interested in Bitcoin casino then you can check our article on Betchain.

Let's start with the basics.

[What is Refereum?]

Refereum is a blockchain platform that connects gamers to game developers.

Let's try to understand a hypothetical scenario.Let's assume there is a team of game developers who have a brilliant idea and they want to develop a game on this idea.So they worked very hard and developed the game in a time span of six months.They have shown it to some influencer from the gaming industry and got great feedback.The team of game developers is very happy that they have come up with a superlative  product and everything is in place as per there expectation.But still, the problem exists.Any guess?

Remember it's good to have a superlative product but it's even great to have a proper strategy in place to reach out to your audience.Any product survives only if it can generate revenue and get good word of mouth publicity.So to reach out to a large chunk of the audience mostly game developers take help from the middleman. In return, these middlemen get a hefty amount of money.As a result, the total selling price of the game increases.

So Refereum is trying to solve this problem by simply eradicating the middleman.

Refereum directly rewards influencers from the social platform like Twitter,you-tube etc and gamers to play and share the game.

[How does Refereum work?]

Refereum provides a lot of opportunity to the end users like gamers to play and share games and in returns they earn points.

Refereum uses the concept of an open market.Here anyone and everyone can participate.To take this concept to potential customer Refereum has partnered with Twitch-World's leading video game streaming website.Refereum has also partnered with Unity-A commonly used game engine.

In the below screenshot you can find the number of ways Refereum uses to award its audiences.

Refereum Tokes

Refereum Earn

Buy Refereum

Refereum Twitch

Refereum Tokens

Refereum is built on Ethereum blockchain, uses smart contracts and ERC20 tokens.The smart contract is used to provide payment to anyone involved in Refereum ecosystem and completed a specific task assigned. 

Key Points of Refereum Blockchain Ecosystem-

  • Refereum contract is a primary contract maintained by Refereum.
  • Refereum sample contract is a referral program contract provided in Refereum plugin tools and a SDK.
  • Games developed by the game developer and uses the concept of customized referral.
  • Refereum plugin and SDK are used to streamline uses of smart contracts.

Reference Legit

Above comparison between Traditional market and Refereum can help you understand "How Refereum really works?"

In the first picture, you can see the game company paying a hefty amount to ad company which in return pays a small portion of the hefty amount to influencer and these influencers further convince their fans and do marketing through blogging and other social media platform.If you see carefully ad company acts as a middleman and connects game company to influencer.You will see lots of ad company flourishing.Have you ever thought why there is a tremendous increase in Ad company?The answer is very simple.These ad companies are paid huge as compared to the output they give.But to date, there was no solution.Refereum has come with the solution by eradicating the middlemen and is well explained in the above pics.As you can see in the second picture, Refereum provides a blockchain platform which connects influencer directly to the game company and thus helps and motivates influencer to use full of their potential.As they get a good amount for their work.It's a win-win situation for both.

[Reference Benefits]

Each and everyone is benefited by Reference ecosystem.I will list down the benefits separately for each member.

  • Value for Money and Cost-Effectiveness.
  • Flexible Criteria for Paid Growth.
  • Highly Secured and Scalable-Direct Marketing.
  • Option for Offering Cash Prizes.
  • Refer and Earn Option.
  • No Legal Fee.
  • Opportunity to Influencer with Small Fan Following.
  • Watch and Share Videos to Earn Commision.
  • Trade Refereum Tokens Like Cash.
  • Opportunity to Earn Huge Profits from Gaming.

[Refereum Team]

  •  The team of Refereum consists of Industry veterans from the gaming industry and digital advertising world. 
  • Key members include Dylan Jones (Founder), Alistair Doulin (Chief Technical), Oleksii Mattiasevych (Smart Contract Author), and Sloane Earl (Business Development).
  • Dylan Jones created some of the highest-grossing Facebook and mobile titles of all time prior to founding Refereum.

[Refereum ICO]

  • Refereum Tokens are available through  ICO.
  • Total Supply-5 millions of tokens.
  • Available Supply-2.5 millions of tokens.
  • Remaining 50 percent(2.5 million) tokens will be  distributed among Platform Development(25%), Game Developer Incentive(10%),Influencer Incentive(5%) and Team(10%).

[Refereum Reviews-Refereum Legit or Scam?]

I have already explained in detail about Refereum.I have done my homework before writing on Refereum.To give my readers better understanding of Refereum, I have explained the problem Refereum is solving along with a brief description of the great team Refereum possess.I will definitely say my readers to try Refereum once.Refereum gives you an opportunity to earn without investment.To best of my understanding of cryptocurrency, cryptocurrency wallet and cryptocurrency exchange I will definitely say "Refereum is Legit".

[Refereum ICO]

Refereum ICO

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