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Entire world is going through cryptocurrency fever.Already the developed countries like USA,Canada,UK,France etc are totally in grip of cryptocurrency maniac.Today I will be talking about India.Lots of Indian have not only bought cryptocurrency like Bitcoin but made loads of money.Guys you will be surprised to see how India has evolved as a tech-savvy country after launch of Reliance Jio "Internet Data Pack".More and more people are using these data available at minimal price.If you are a person who is watching regularly videos on youtube then I hope you would have sure experienced the heat and power of Reliance Jio .Suddenly you can find lots of youtubers in the market .Anyone and everyone is trying to make videos.Due to massive increase in youtube creators YouTube has set new rules.Now to get your videos monetize on youtube you need to have an addition of 1000 subscriber and 4000 watch hours on yearly basis.Doesn't it sounds crazy?Of course it is.The world is becoming small day by day.So let's move to our current topic.One thing more I would like to share with my readers that despite the need to understand blockchain,cryptocurrency,cryptocurrency wallet,exchange and a lot many terms people are madly investing into bitcoin and other altcoin.If you will be see the patterns their are many person who don't even know a,b,c.... of cryptocurrency but their are investing more than those who know.Media is adding spice to it .In case you belong to those exception group who have never heard about bitcoin then do read about it in my previous article.

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Let's talk about JioCoin now.
  • India digital open submit will be host on January 19,2018 by Reliance Jio.
  • The agenda of the meeting will be to focus on opportunities and building digital ecosystem.
  • Focus will be to leverage various elements of 'open source' framework for technology,policy and security that will accelerate the digital India initiatives across the domain.
Cryptocurrency JioCoin

JioCoin is a high priority project for Reliance.Mr Akash Ambani will head this project.As per the report, Reliance will hire 50 young blockchain professionals to work on this highly ambitious project.The best part is Reliance can leverage the blockchain concept and can implement it into diversified field like supply chain logistics ,loyalty program and many more.As per the speculation related to JioCoin we may find it getting launch in mid of february.JioCoin may have initial valure of $0.5 which will increase further depending upon demand of JioCoin and it's future progress.As per report from unknown source,Akash Ambani is planning to launch 1 billion JioCoin in total.Out of 1 billion JioCoins, half will be circulated in the market and respect will be with the company.Initally 10 million JioCoin will be circulated through Reliance App or they may come up with their own cryptocurrency exchange.After completion of every 10 million the price will be doubled till it reaches 50 million.I will explaining the strategy behind JioCoin circulation with an example.

0-10 million-$0.5/JioCoin
10-20 million-$1/JioCoin
20-30 million-$2/JioCoin
30-40 million-$4/JioCoin
40-50 million-$5/JioCoin

You can also buy JioCoin from few of the reputed cryptocurrency exchanges like Bittrex,Binance etc

Do you know about cryptocurrency wallet?
To buy JioCoin and trade in various exchanges you definitely need to have fair idea of "Best Cryptocurrency Wallet".

I recommend Zebpay to Indians for buying and selling Bitcoins.Though their are few other decent wallet but I prefer Zebpay.

I will keep updating you about latest development on "JioCoin".

Incase you have doubt about "JioCoin" then comment below.I will try to clear your doubt to the best of my ability.

Question and Answers [JioCoin]

How to become one of the first few person to buy JioCoin?

I hope like Bitcoin and other altcoin, JioCoin will also be available through Initial Coin Offering(ICO).To buy JioCoin you will need to participate in the offering.Till date their hasn't been any update from Reliance regarding JioCoin availability.

What is the future of JioCoin?

Definitely future of JioCoin looks promising.In India "JioCoin" will for sure have first mover advantage.It may be the first step towards cryptocurrency revolution in India.

How does JioCoin works?

First of all,JioCoin is still in development stage .Coming to the working, it will work similar to other cryptocurrency which uses blockchain concept .A blockchain stores record of transaction of the digital currency and you need two key i,e public and private to perform any transaction.


  1. Hw can i know the ico of jio coin

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