[CryptoJacking]What is Web Browser Mining?[CryptoJacking Script]

What is Cryptojacking?


It's an old proverb "Mother is the necessity of invention".Cryptocurrency aka digital currency is the talk of the town.Everyone wants to know and invest in cryptocurrency.Some buy cryptocurrency from fiat money or from other cryptocurrency and others get cryptocurrency by mining.In case you are new to cryptocurrency world then read our previous articles on cryptocurrency.

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Once you are done reading above articles you can move on to our latest topic "cryptojacking".As said before in this article that some cryptocurrency can be owned by mining it.Trust me guys this mining method to get cryptocurrency led to cryptojacking.

[What is Cryptojacking?]

Cryptojacking is a process in which cryptocurrency miner uses others computer for mining without their consent or in other words we can say the secret use of one's computer by a cryptocurrency miner.By doing cryptojacking, miners get benefited by using other's computer power, electricity and time.

[What is the mechanism of cryptojacking?]

Cryptojacking Script

Let's understand the cryptojacking meaning with an example.Remember Threat Actor, as shown is above pics is the beneficiary.He embeds cryptojacking javascript or any other cryptojacking script in the website.When an end user lands on this website cryptocurrency javascript or cryptocurrency script executes.This leads to cryptocurrency mining on behalf of this Threat Actor.Once a new block is added to the cryptocurrency blockchain, Threat Actor gets the reward in cryptocurrency.

[What is web browser mining or browser cryptojacking?]

Web browser cryptojacking is the process in which the miner doesn't need to embed any cryptojacking script on the website.Since almost all the website uses javascript so there is no need to install any cryptojacking script.In other words, a miner uses the javascript already present on the website to do mining.Monero cryptocurrency can be mined using in-browser mining.

[What is Monero cryptojacking?]

Monero cryptojacking is a phenomenon in which Monero cryptocurrency is mined by using other's computer without their consent or knowledge.Monero, a privacy-focused cryptocurrency is among few to support in-browser mining.

[How to avoid cryptojacking?]

Well at present we don't have many options to avoid cryptojacking.Below are few of the options you can use to protect yourself from cryptojacking.

  • Use Malwarebytes or another antivirus that blocks abusive pages.
  • Install this chrome extension to block coinhive.com.
  • Update your computer host file to block coinhive.com and other similar websites which are known to facilitate unauthorized mining or cryptojacking.
  • Use remote browser.
  • Silo-a remote browser solution built by Authentic8 which uses the remote browser concept i,e a browser running on cloud on a separate machine and thus prohibits cryptojacking javascript interaction with your browser.


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