[#First]World's Cryptocurrency Airport

World's first Cryptocurrency Airport

Brisbane Cryptocurrency Airport

Today I will be talking about a very interesting topic.Indeed this is an answer to all those who think cryptocurrency bubble is going to burst.Can you believe it?Brisbane has come up with world's first cryptocurrency airport.Brisbane Airport is working with local and International companies to make this airport cryptocurrency friendly. The stores, coffee shops, restaurants will be soon accepting Bitcoin, Ether, and  Dash. I hope this will be a leap in the cryptocurrency world.
Slowly and gradually cryptocurrency has started showing it's impact and influence.As per research from unknown sources, the vast portion of people who travel through airlines have either already invested in cryptocurrency or are on the  verge of investing.We all know that in today's world 'Customer is King' so it's good to see Brisbane airport taking this step which may prove to be a successful long-term strategy.

We should understand one more thing very carefully.It's not only about Brisbane airport is accepting cryptocurrency but it's also about the ecosystem that is going to start flourishing in an epigrammatic span of time.For e.g-TravelbyBit, cryptocurrency payment gateway has tied up with Brisbane airport to provide cryptocurrency payments solution.So in future, you will see lots of SME startup flourishing in cryptocurrency domain.I am very much optimistic that cryptocurrency is sure gonna stay for long.
There are people and countries who have tried to market negative vibes about cryptocurrency.Either it's ban by China or threats from South Korea.But no one can stop something if it's user-friendly, technology driver and customer-centric.

I can only say at the moment that I am in wait and watch mode and within an epigrammatic span of time we all will sure see some progress.

Already there are lots of cryptocurrency on the market and every day you see a new addition.Have you ever thought was does it really means?Let's talk in simple words, still, there are takers of cryptocurrency and demand is more as compared to supply.

Friends what's your take on the 'Future of crypto currency' .do let us know in the comment section.


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