Best Microphone for YouTube Creators


Folk I have tried few microphones before giving any feedback about Boya.I have also consulted my friends who are creators on youtube before writing this article.In 2018 the quality of video and the way of presentation will play a crucial role in defining success of any youtuber.Gonna are those days when any video used to get good views and likes irrespective of the quality of content and videos.After the entrance of JIO more and more people have not only started watching videos but also creating videos.Every one wants to get good number of likes and visual appearance.Trust me guys still youtube is one of the best way to become popular and earn good money online.Youtube has given everyone of us a good platform to show the innovative character that exist within everyone of us.To best of my understanding I think Boya microphone is best for the creators in 2018.It comes under 2k and is value for money.
  • Boya is world famous microphone manufacturer that offers wireless microphone.
  • Boya BY-M1 is an omni directional lavalier microphone.
  • It's best for video use and sync great with smartphones,DSLR,camcorders,audio recoders etc.
  • 360 degree coverage gives you full the possibility to capture anything in your sight.
  • High quality condenser makes the video and audio recording good.
  • Super sound is not only good for presentation but also for audio recording.
  • 6-meter (20") cable with 3.5mm 4-pole gold plug provides you great extension capability.

If interested you can buy from amazon by clicking the below pics.

Most of the well known youtubers use the above microphone .BOYA is recommended by many youtubers after using it.This microphone is certainly value for money.

I have also recommended few phones and if it interests you then you can click the below link and have a look.Please do give your feedback once you have bought and used this microphone.

Gionee S10 Lite


Last but not the least all the above products are taken into consideration to suit the middle class who wants best product in economic zone.If you have a better budget then sky is the limit and as you spend more you can get product with more features .


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