Amazon Influencer Program

               Amazon Influencer Program

Influence Marketing has become the talk of the town.People are relying more on Influencer as compared to the advertisement displaying on the Television channel, print media and so on.You can find influencer on Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and other social media platforms.I personally love Amazon marketing strategy because it's innovative and most of the time 'out of the box'.
 Guys, have you ever thought the reason behind the launch of 'Amazon Influencer Program'?I think this strategy of Amazon is going to change the rule of marketing and advertisement.Do you agree?I am damn sure that now the star power is slowly and gradually getting shifted to the common person who has followers on any of the social media platform.Before moving further let's list down the topic we need to discuss in this article.

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Coming back to our discussion first let's discuss the concept behind Amazon Influencer Program.
Amazon Influencer Program Review

Let's talk about Mr. Blogger and his daily routine.He is very lazy and loves bunking classes and making fun of others.He is not good at anything but making fun of others.He cracks jokes and does funny act.He couldn't clear exam and as a consequence has to drop out of his college.His parents are very tensed about his future.Everyone including him is hopeless about his future.This is the brief introduction of Mr. Blogger and of course, it's not impressive.Isn't it?Tell me Guys what will you do if you are Mr. Blogger I will eagerly wait for your comment.

After few years of his drop out Mr. Blogger saw his friends joining corporates and climbing the ladder of success.None of his friends show trust in his ability and they rarely used to respond to his phone calls.He was very upset and depressed.Since he doesn't have a college degree so he couldn't apply for jobs.He thought of even doing suicide as he doesn't find anything promising to earn his bread and butter.His life was full of negative energy.

Amazon Social Media Influencer

Suddenly one day he met Mrs. Influencer who was very good at studies, job and many more.Slowly they became the friend on facebook.One day he said about his shortcomings and asked for help from Mrs. Influencer.

She asked him only one question.Guys, can you guess?

Mr. Blogger said I am not good at anything.I don't possess any skill.I am dumb.
She again asked "Ok, Tell me what you enjoy doing"
He replied-I love making fun of others.
She asked-What rating you can give yourself on a scale on 1 to 10 and 10 being best?
He said-Definitely 9.
She asked-Why not 10?
He said-There is always a change of improvement.
She was convinced and now the success story of Mr. Blogger begins.
She said Mr. Blogger to do the following task and get back to her after six months.
  • Make a Facebook Fan Page and start cracking one joke every day on the page.
  • Make an account on Instagram and post a picture of cartoon every day.
  • Make a video on standup comedy and post on youtube.
  • Make an account on Twitter and Twit for all the above action.
See you after six months...

Amazon Influencer Program Growth

Well after six months both met for a cup of coffee.Guys any guess what happened?Mr. Blogger started shouting on Mrs. Influencer very badly."I trusted you but you wasted my time Mrs. Influencer".He said after working so hard for six months my output is .......
300 Facebook Fans,100 youtube subscriber and 1000 youtube video views,50 twitter followers and 70 Instagram.

Anyhow Mrs. Influencer convinced him and asked him to repeat the above task and meet her after six months.

So after six months they again met on the same coffee shop and this time Mr. Blogger was more than happy.He couldn't believe the kind of publicity he was getting across the globe.In simple words, he was a star now.People were going crazy.Every guy next door was trying to copy him and replicate his videos and tweets.His followers used to buy the products he recommends.

Suddenly one day he got a call from one of his college friend, who was working in a well-known firm.He called him and requested him to review his company product on his youtube channel.Mr. Blogger couldn't stop tears.He was laughing and crying at the same time.He couldn't believe that his friend who never used to pick his call is today requesting a product review.

"Now it was the moment when Mr. Blogger understood the true meaning of Social Media Influencer"

I hope friends this journey of a social media influencer would have sure helped you to understand the reason behind "amazon influencer program launch

Now we will discuss the technicality of all the above terms.

[What is Amazon Influencer Program?]

I will call it an innovative marketing strategy used by Amazon where it provides a page to the social media influencer(Facebook, Twitter, You-Tube, Instagram) in the form (amazon.com/shop/handle) to make their presence at Amazon and recommend products to there followers.The best part here is you can put all the recommended product on one page and Amazon gives you special vanity URL to promote.In fact this, not a new thing.Already social influencers have been earning through affiliate marketing but giving them an online space on  Amazon (url) really makes a difference.Recall value of the influencer will sure increase.

Amazon Influence Program Benefits

[How is Amazon Influencer Program different from Amazon associates?]

First of all Amazon Influencer Program is not for everyone.This program is only for qualifying social media influencer.Other than this in amazon influencer program, Amazon provides you a unique page where you can showcase your recommended product and will act as a virtual market indeed where your followers can go and shop.

[What are the basic criteria to be a part of Amazon Influencer Program?] 

Amazon Influence Program Invitation

Amazon as such has not disclosed the criteria but to my understanding, I can say that you can be part of Amazon Influencer Program if you are a social media influencer on facebook, twitter, youtube, and Instagram.It means you need to have a good number of followers, a high quality of content, a consistency for posting and of course a great engagement on your posts.In simple words, Amazon should believe that the product you recommend will be bought by your followers.

[Amazon Influencer Program Review]

If you ask me guys then definitely it's gonna be hit.Social Media Influencers will now be seen promoting amazon product more frequently.This program aims at involving these influencers on a regular basis with Amazon affiliates.It's a win-win situation for both brands and marketers.You can see on a regular basis YouTubers doing an unboxing of new mobile phones.Already unboxing, paid reviews etc is a success on youtube and other social media platform.Replicating it on Amazon platform can be considered as a calculated risk.Small manufacture will sure be benefited by this move.Now offline and traditional marketing is moving to digital at a very fast pace.This program is available on amazon.com and is in beta phase for amazon.in.Even if you are an Indian you can participate in this program.

                                                   [What is Amazon Influencer Page?]

To get an Amazon Influencer Page you need to qualify for the Amazon Influencer Program.
Amazon Influencer Program Registration

As shown in above screenshot you need to connect to your social media account.Amazon is giving four social media platform options.Once you are eligible then you can make your account for this program.You have to fill your credentials to make your profile complete.Once you are done with your profile creation your account will be activated.

Amazon Influencer Page

You can see in the above pics as it will give you a clear idea about Amazon influencer page. In case you qualify for this program you will also have similar kind of page.In the rightmost top, you can see the url.In the leftmost, you can see the social media influencer pics and the icon of her social media platform.The page shows the collection of all the products she has promoted.

[Who are Amazon Influencers?]

Amazon influencers are those social media influencers who have qualified for Amazon Influencer Program and are a part of it.These influencers will play a crucial role in defining the success of this program.

                                         [Best Influencer Program]

Definitely it's a first of it's kind and have first mover advantage.The success of this program will open doors for other such programFlipkartpkart and many more e-commerce players.

                                    [Amazon Social Media Influencers]

Before talking about "Amazon Social Media Influencer" we will take a look at the components of an influencer marketing strategy as shown below.Please read these components carefully and try to visualize its meaning.

Amazon Social Media Influencer
We classify Amazon Social Media Influencer in four parts.

#TwitterInfluencers-These are the influencers who tweets on regular basis and have a very good number of followers.Not only this they must have qualified the Amazon Influencer Program using twitter.

#YouTubeInfluencer-A good number of video upload.Regularity on YouTube.High-Quality content.Lots of comments on videos.

#FacebookInfluencer-One or many facebook fan page with a large number of fans.Having facebook group linked to the facebook page is an added advantage.High-quality content with good reach and post engagements.

#InstagramInfluencer-Unique hashtag.Quality content and very high-quality pics.

                    [Amazon Influencer Program-YouTube]

As per the post on engadget and techcrunch initially Amazon Influencer Program was first launched into a beta phase in March.

Amazon Influencer Program YouTube
YouTube is a very powerful social media platform and this will sure positively impact the youtube creator.The strategy behind this program is to capture the social media presence of YouTubers.These influencers have an impact on millions of lives across the globe.
Amazon later extended amazon influencer program to Instagram and Twitter.


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