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                                        Polymath ICO

Polymath is building world's first decentralized protocol that will act as an interface between blockchain and financial securities. Polymath is laying the foundation to empower corporation to launch their own securities tokens.Polymath was founded in 2017 with a mission to guide and support public companies, venture capital firms, and investment funds through the complex technology and legal process for successful token launch.Each cryptocurrency wallet address is verified by Polymath protocol to ensure that only the authorized investors are able to transact.If Polymath launch will be successful then we can say that in coming future token holders may replace the shareholder's in the global economy.
"Polymath is aiming to be the catalyst that launches the securities token revolution by powering the next generation of securities tokens"

Polymath is working hard to create a fully functional marketplace where token investor and the token issuer can connect easily.

[ What is Security Token Offering or STO?]

Security Token Offering is a term used by Polymath to define the process in which the core technology of Polymath coordinates the interaction between various participants such as Lawyer,KYC providers, investors etc.The biggest problem faced by securities token today is lack of liquidity upon launch.

Polymath Security Token Offering

In case you are interested to create your own token then click on "Create Polymath Securities Token".

Security Token Offering
Polymath and Ethereum comparison

Definitely Security Token will give the investor, ownership of asset along with regulated offering as compared to unregulated crowd sales in case of utility token.

Polymath blockchain

Polymath argues that the asset-backed securities as token work great with the blockchain.Polymath aims at replicating the success of ethereum for security tokens.Polymath consists of four layers.
  1. Protocol Layer.
  2. Application Layer.
  3. Legal Layer.
  4. Exchange Layer.
It's good to have a close watch on Polymath ICO.I am gone through the whitepaper and definitely, Polymath looks promising to me.I can just say that it's too early to come to any conclusion.We can wait and watch and if they deliver what they have promised then there is no doubt that we should not invest in it.

Friends do let us know according to you which are the top ten cryptocurrency to invest?


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