[My Experience] Is ORGANIC TRAFFIC really important for BLOG? [Awesome ways to get organic traffic ]

Organic Traffic

                                     Organic Traffic

Folk ! Let's welcome the coming year and Happy New Year 2018 to all my readers.First of all I would like to thank you so much for all the lovely mails and sms. As per your request today we will be decoding the most asked question "How many blog posts are needed to get substantial organic traffic"?


  • Concept of Organic Traffic
  • Role of Social Media in Organic Traffic
  • Ways to check the progress of your Organic Traffic
  • Importance of Organic Traffic
  • Importance of your Reader's Engagement
  • Quantity vs Quality content

Let's start one by one.Organic traffic is the traffic each and every, establish or new blogger is running behind.

Definition[Organic Traffic]

The traffic which comes from search engines like google,bing etc and don't include paid search ads.
Visitors who comes under organic will find your website by using query on search engine.
In simpler words organic traffic can defined as the traffic generated tomorrow,next month,next year and so on by putting content on your blog today.That's the reason it's worth the effort.

Importance[Organic Traffic]

For e.g Suppose I want to know"How to do blogging in USA"?
I will simply put the above query in google and check for the result.I hope you all will do the same :)
Now the question is How will google reciprocate?
Just check out the below screenshot to understand it in depth.

How to get organic traffic from google

Best way to get organic traffic from google

As you can see in the first screenshot -A list of link is shown with a small "Ad" caption at the left most side.This means all these are paid Ads and they don't com under organic traffic.Second screenshot shows a list of link without "Ad" caption and thus are naturally thrown by google search engine.You will be surprised to know that If a person type the same query what I have typed above then 70 % probability is that he will click on the organic links.Just think about the importance of organic traffic.

How to get more [Organic Traffic] to your blog?

  • Create the superlative content-

    Time and again I have emphasized on content.Remember guys content is king and will always remain.According to latest google algorithm and google Rank Brain algorithm i,e introduction of AI to google search engine algorithm, content which engages readers for more time will be given priority as google always want's the readers to read quality content.Keep in mind before clicking publishing tab give your best and try to come up with the best content you can.Trust me it's worth putting the effort.If you want to write on a particular topic then its advisable to go through some of the best articles available on the internet and try to find out the answer to two questions.
  1. Can I write a better content than available on the internet?
  2. If yes then how can I add value to the topic?
Always remember "Being Creative and Innovative" is a great skill set irrespective of the domains.

  • Don't run behind competitive keywords-I have seen lots of bloggers running behind those two to three word phrase and achieving nothing.It's really difficult to get rank for those keywords and in most of the cases it's not worth it.It's better to be specific and concentrate on long tail keywords.Let's understand this with an example.Suppose you want to open a Digital Marketing Institute and you want some keywords to be ranked for in search engine.So, You have few options as listed below.
  1. Digital Marketing Institute
  2. Digital Marketing Institute in Delhi.
  3. Digital Marketing Institute in Saket and so on..........
Folk Guess ! Which option is better? First of all forget the first option as it will be very difficult to rank in google .For me the third option is the best as the keywords will be less competitive and we can rank easily in google.Something is always better than nothing.Always remember to put effort in the proportion you are getting the output.First Deserve then Desire.

  • Consistent writing plays a crucial role-Tell me who don't like consistency?Everyone does Right?Similar is the case with google search engine.Don't get caught in the best days and times to publish a blog post.Rather just try to be consistent.Aim for something which can be done in a easy and natural way without compromising on quality.Please try to publish post once a week atleast. Search engine loves frequent sites updates.Consistent updates make your readers loyal but only if you provide some value through your content.

    Working hard is great but working smart makes you different.Branding is not an easy task.Lots of money,resource and time is invest to make anything a brand.That's the reason Brands reap so many benefits.Just take an example of any top bloggers .Take out sometime and research on their consistency of blogging you will find the answer by yourself.Whether it's Sachin Tendulkar or Virat Kohli ,consistency is the key to their success.

  • Don't Guest blog for SEO rather do it for Traffic-Gone are the days when inbound links used to be so important for increasing blog ranking.These inbound link that you get at the end of guest posts doesn't have a great SEO value now after the introduction of google Rank Brain.But still it's great for getting traffic as your content is exposed to new sets of audience.Follow these basic rules while you are writing a guest post.
  1. Always write for website which has decent amount of traffic with good domain authority.Don't forget to check alexa rank for the website.Click DOMAIN AUTHORITY to check for any website.
  2. Do guest blogging on only those websites which comes from your niche.
  3. Always promote your guest posts similar to your posts.
  4. Always respond back to comments on your guest post as it increases the trust and loyalty of your potential readers.
  • Always try to be Google friendly-There are many unwanted ways to increase Google traffic but it will sooner or latter cost you.Google penalises drastically for unwanted means .Keep in mind the below points to avoid any tussle with google.
  1. Don't buy inbound links.
  2. Building cheap link is similar to doing suicide.
  3. Avoid exact match anchor text.
  4. Publishing stolen content is of no use.Sooner or latter google will find it out.
  5. Always believe "Content is still King" and never compromise on quality of content.

  • Role of Social Media[Organic Traffic]-We are in digital age and everything is incomplete without digital platform.As said before also digital platforms are great push to your content.These platforms give exposure to your content and thus prepare the background for a great start .
Using digital platform for organic traffic

No content is great until the readers says.But for the readers to give their opinion the content should reach out to them.After clicking the publish button share your content on all the possible digital media platform like facebook pages,instagram,tumblr and so on.Let the readers decide the fate of your content.If they will love it then their is high probability that they will share your content.The more your content is shared the better is the exposure to the content.

  • Quality vs Quantity Content[Organic Traffic]-In one word it's always quality but quantity without compromising on quality always has an upper hand.

"How many blog posts are needed to get substantial organic traffic"?

To my understanding and experience 65-90 blog total is when most companies see a tipping point of exponential growth of organic traffic.It seems their is something for sure with achieving that level of consistently publishing post.It's more of a qualitative assessment.

Conclusion:Be true to yourself and keep blogging high quality content.

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