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How to create a blog in 2018

Millions of posts are published every single day with a belief of getting more and more traffic.We all know that most of the bloggers don't even reach a 5 K visitor land mark.I have seen lots of youngster
reaching out to me to understand the basics of "How to create a blog"  .They have plenty of questions but one important one is "How fast can we start earning " .Trust me guys no one can give the correct answer of the above question.When I started blogging I never new that I will ever earn also from blogging.It's was simply a means to express myself.I still follow the same basics.I blog just to express myself.Keeping in mind monetary benefits you can start a blog but you need to keep a check on urge to monetize your blog. I differ from most of the bloggers in context that monetization can't happen over night.A single post can take your blog to new heights.It's not only possible but a few have them have successfully executed it.If we have done our basis right we will be successful.No doubt about it.Guys you answers to most of your queries .

Decoding Senario "How to start a blog in 2018"

Let's take a real time example .A group of six friends decided to start blogging  .They were new to blogging so each of them followed their own ways to taste the success.They decided not to interact with the other for the next six months and then they will meet again to discuss the feat they achieved .

Experimental bloggers pics on how to start a blog in 2018

Blogger 1:He decided to experiment and has a firm belief that hit and trial works.So he created three random blogs on three different topics and started blogging.Their was no firm strategy and he keep experimenting with number of posts,length of posts,tradition and upcoming topics and many more.Since he has decided to work on three blogs so the input effort was peerless.He forget everything and keep working day and night.

Lazy blogger picture on how to start a blog

Blogger 2:He was a lazy guy and has a firm belief in learning from others experience .He concentrated mostly on reading articles about "How to start a successful blog" available on internet and other social media platform.In his case he used to read  like anything and as a result gets less time to execute about his learning from "How to create a successful blog" articles.But by reading the articles he didn't stop on the topic related articles but he moved ahead and start reading articles of his interest like "How to earn millions of dollars from blogging" and many more.Now his interest about blogging increased exponentially .

Average blogger picture on how to start a blog

Blogger 3:He was an average guy who believes in performing any task in routined way.He decided to dedicate 8 hours every day to the assignment "How to start a blog successfully ".First four hours he used to read the articles and next four hours he used to execute the learning .But he has a big problem.Being an average guy his efficiency was less as compared to his colleague and it lead to a big impact on his per day output.But he was firm believer of work hard ,party harder.

Intelligent blogger on how to start a blog

Blogger 4:An intelligent guy with extremely high capability and firm believer of "Nothing is Impossible". He read only the specific article related to topic "How to start a successful blog".He was extraordinary and after reading the article it takes him just few hours to perform the activities explained in the articles.He started very well but latter he thought it's so easy so why to work daily on it  rather I will work day and night in the last week.

Executor blogger on how to start a blog

Blogger 5:An executor.Give him a plan and he will execute it successfully.As per his strength he started executing what he learns every day on internet.But their was a problem with him also.Whenever he type a query on search engine he used to add adjectives like easily executable,fast executable etc.Guys if you got confused then I will explain you with an example.For e.g he typed the query "How starting a blog or creating a blog can be executed successfully" or a better one "Best ways to start a blog which can be executed successfully" and so on....

Confused blogger on how to start a blog

Blogger 6:A very confused one.The more he used to study article on "Best tricks to be a successful blogger or easiest way to create a blog ".It's just an example .Query can vary according to the thought process.Since every blogger has their point of view and a variation is always their when two different individual express themselves about a particular topic.

So guys I hope you have a answer right.Please do write in comment section about your choice of blogger who will be the most successful after six months.In case you don't have any answer keep reading the blog as answer is somewhere in the middle of the article.Sharp mind will find it.
So Let's start the discussion on "How to start or create a blog in 2018" is going to be different from "How to start or create a blog in 2017"


  • Impact of Vlogging 
  • Content marketing monopoly
  • Are you gonna tell story on your blog in 2018?
  • Well planned strategy

[Impact of Vlogging]

Vloggers and Bloggers on how to start a blog

Vlogging will again rule the world of blogging in 2018.Bloggers who are not take video content seriously or who are not including video content in blogging article is sure gone get though fight with the one who includes.2018 will be the year of engagement .Yes ! you heard it right.After the inclusion of  Rank Brain i,e introduction of AI to google algorithm the path ahead is not easy.In the coming year every blogger will need to check not only the quality of the content but also the reader's experience on their blog.Day by day blogging domain is getting bombarded with new bloggers.Anyone who start blogging may want  fame or money or both but everyone wants traffic to their blog.Some  bloggers takes the short route and buy traffics but it's not gonna help them in long run.So prepare yourself for Vlogging. It's an old saying if everyone is doing and you are not then their is no doubt that you will for sure left behind in terms of blogging.

[Content marketing Monopoly]

Bloggers tips on content marketing to know more about creating a new blog

Content !Content ! Content -No substitute for high quality content.In coming years also you will find the monopoly of high quality content.Gonna are the days when anything and everything written used to be content.The meaning of content is going to change now.You can't escape from creating unique and engaging content.Be creative and try to present the content in best possible way.Creativity is going to play a bigger role for new bloggers.Take any domain and trust me if you are creative then you are gonna be popular and gonna earn also and in epigrammatic span of time.Time and again bloggers creating good contents have delivered and are always in great demand.The only thing that has changed is the definition of high quality content.I believe if you are a blogger you should also read a lot of stuff .Reading high quality contents help new bloggers to plan accordingly to prepare and compete in the market.

[Bloggers Are you gonna tell story on your blog in 2018?]

Story teller bloggers on how to create a make a great blog in 2018

Story telling is a great way to engage your audience .Bloggers who believe in story telling are sure gonna attract more traffic to their blog.Story telling is an art and more you get acquaintance in this skill better will be your reach and popularity.Remember you also need to work on various tools and tactic you are going to use .Studies and researches have confirmed that interactive articles always have an edge.You have lots of scope to show your creativity .Bloggers who uses the method of story telling also get good amount of "word of mouth" publicity.If you want to create a blue ocean in a red ocean then innovation is the only tool .

Before moving further let's discuss the result of our today's story of five bloggers who want to create a successful blog .Any guess? .First of all I would like to thank you for your patience and reading this article till here.It's shows you are passionate and thus you have a very high probability to be a successful blogger .The reason behind holding the bloggers story result is to check your passion quotient.Folk !if you have really liked our effort please do share this article on social media as it gives a lot of confidence to come up with yet another story.

Answer is ...........No one.It's just a hypothetical case to make you all understand no one is perfect .The one who overcomes his weakness will lead .All the bloggers have some weakness in the above scenario.The one who will be work on his strength and learn to tackle his weakness will be the winner.We have taken only six cases.Trust me cases can be infinite.Nothing happens overnight.Their is no short cut.

[Well Planned Strategy]

Bloggers strategy on how to create a blog

Strategy the core of successful blogging.You can never be successful if you don't have any strategy .You can check the below articles where I have explained about blogging.

You should always be aware of what your competitors are doing and then only you can brainstorm to know your competitive advantage.I will explain you in terms of 4P which is a marketing term very frequently used in MBA colleges .So let's take your blog is providing some services .
So you have to consider 4P i.e Product,Price,Place,Promotion.Here your product here is your blog.Price here is nothing as you are providing your service for free.Place is online and promotion is the social media,word of mouth etc.So you have to prepare a competitive analysis road map which will evaluate your competitors on these parameters.One very important point I would love to share with you guys.Don't compromise on experiment.Bloggers keep experimenting.You never know you can be the person to set up new pattern in the world of blogging.

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