Binance Affiliate Program

BINANCE Affiliate Program

It's really great to discuss about any cryptocurrency exchange and today we will be discussing about BINANCE in details.In fact this article will tell about A-Z of BINANCE cryptocurrency exchange.So Folk let's begin.


  • Introduction to BINANCE
  • Procedure followed to register for BINANCE
  • Best practices to use BINANCE
  • BINANCE Affiliate program
  • Installation of Binance app on iOS.
  • Binance Affiliate Link


BINANCE is a Chinese cryptocurrency exchange. Binance transaction has reached a new level and currently score tenth place in the world.The best part in Binance is that we don't need identity confirmation in case the per day remittance is within limit of 2 BTC.Henceforth, the attractiveness and popularity of Binance increases across the globe.

Before moving to the next level of talks let's complete the procedure of registration for Binance.


Binance Affiliate Login

In the above screenshot you can see the Binance login page.Here you need to fill the details and then click the register tab.
Binance Affiliate Link
I have attached the screenshot for your perusal and give you the view of login in a procedure.
The procedure of registration involves verification of your documents and submitting the password along with the scan code .So let's discuss one by one.

Binance Affiliate Program log in

  • After registering you need to verify your mail for Binance by going to your mail and clicking on the mail received from Binance.You can see in the below screenshot it's showing unverified account.Don't panic guys we will verify it soon .
Binance Affiliate Program
  • Now the most important step comes into play and this is very unique.You have to set up 2 step verification process.As you can see in above screenshot you need to fill your password and the code generated by scanning the barcode. Remember you need to download google authenticator from google play store incase you are using iphone you need to launch google play application from apple store application.After installing google authenticator  you need to scan bar code as displayed on your personal computer.The barcode value need to be submitted for two step verification.
Binance affiliate program
 After the process is completed you need to verify your documents.For verification of your documents you need to need to check out the above screenshot.

  • Need to have Passport, driving licence or country identification number.
  • You have to upload the photo of front and back of the identity proof.
  • You need to upload selfie of your's with the identity proof.Remember you have to include the date also on which the pics is taken.
Binance Affiliate Link

So guys you can see in above screenshot it's showing verified user .So finally we have completed the registration process for Binance.A must remember thing for Binance is that we need to complete the verification on desktop only.Once the verification is done we can start the process of buying and selling the coins.

Binance provides a great opportunity to earn through affiliates.It's one of the idiosyncratic opportunity in cryptocurrency domain .Isn't it?

By clicking on the above link you can register for affiliate program .You need to follow the same process of registration as explained above.After completion of registration you will get a affiliated link .You need to promote this link via all possible means.More the people will register through your link and do trading more the commission you will get.

Now let's understand the process involved in using the BINANCE APP.

  • Download the App from playstore or apple application store.

Binance Affiliate App login
After downloading the App just you need to login with your username and password.

Binance Affiliate  APP EXCHANGE
After login into Binance App you can see the trading value of different cryptocurrency .It will give you a clear idea regarding your investment plan.
Binance Affiliate Program Commision
 In the above screenshot of Binance App you can clearly see the Buy and Sell tab.So you can very easily buy and sell cryptocurrency of your choice.
BINANCE Affiliate and Buying and selling App

But to buy and sell cryptocurrency in Binance app you need to have fund.The process is very simple .You need to deposit the amount from your current account for trading.In case you want to withdraw just click the withdrawal tab.Hope it helps you.

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                                                                  3 Steps to install Binance iOS App

  • The first and foremost step is to download the Binance iOS app by navigating to Binance iOS DOWNLOAD 
  • Browser to be used is Safari.
  • Now navigate to “Settings->General->Device Management”, and choose trust in “XXXX”.
  • The App is ready for use so enjoy trading at Binance cryptocurrency exchange.

I have received lots of emails asking me to share the link for "Binance Affiliate Program".Already I have shared above and in case of doubt click Binance Affiliate Program. Moving further we will discuss some more queries in form of questions.

What is commission per referral in Binance affiliate program?

Guys this is the most common question I have been asked about Binance .So cheers it's a great news for all of you. Binance Affiliate Program offers fifty percent of the trading fee.It means you will get 50 percent of the trading fee per referral and that too in real time.Folks! you heard it right in real time.

How many people can I refer to Binance Affiliate Program?

You can refer any number of the person.There is no limit to it.But Binance reserve the right to make a change to the affiliate program as per it's need and market scenario.

In which currency Binance Affiliate Program pays?

It's indeed an interesting question.Binance will pay to it's affiliates in the same currency in which the referral paid the fee.To make it more clear let's understand with an example.Suppose A and B are friends.B used Affiliate Link from A and registered to Binance exchange.He paid the fee in EURO to the exchange.Then A will get 50 % of the fee paid by B in EURO only.

P.S-Duplicate account will be disqualified.So guys be careful.


Binance Affiliate Link

Guys you can easily earn from Binance Affiliate link.As you can see in the above screenshot you have to first register with Binance and then generate an affiliate link and share with everyone through various social media platform.So if someone comes to your link and join Binance then you will be receiving 20 % commission in real time.Don't think that this commission is small.It's really big.And you will really love to get the commission from Binance Affiliate Program in real time.You can also share the Binance Affiliate Link by scanning the barcode through your mobile app.In the rightmost lower part you can see the caption Referral Friends and Estimated Commission.So these captions will show you the number of friends referred by your link and estimated commission you have earned by referring your friends.I hope I have cleared all your doubts regarding Binance Affiliate Program.Do let me know if you still have any doubt.

                                                [Can I buy Ripple in Binance?]

Definitely Yes! I will explain the entire process step-by-step.
  • Open an account on Coinbase where you can buy BTC or ETH with fiat money.
  • Once you bought BTC/ETC then your token will be stored in your wallet created by Coinbase.
  • Now got to Binance and open an account.
  • After creating your account at Binance, go to deposit and withdrawal tab and look for BTC/ETH.
  • Click on deposit tab and copy the address.
  • Now login to your Coinbase account and go to send and transfer tab and click send.
  • Now paste the address copied from Binance withdrawal tab.
  • Enter the amount you want to send and press send button.
  • Now log into your Binance account and wait for sometime.You will see your account credited with BTC/ETH.
  • With this BTC now you can buy Ripple from Binance.
P.S-Binance Affiliate Program can also be used to get free Ripple.If you refer someone and he/she bought Ripple and is further trading in Ripple you will get your commission.


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