[Twilio] Cloud Communication Platform [Taken Internet by STORM]




  • Twilio Introduction

  • Benefits of Twilio
  • Twilio Pricing
  • Twilio Subsidiaries
  • Twilio India
  • Twilio sms
  • Twilio Api
  • Twilio wiki
  • Twilio Free

Hey guys today we will be discussing on a very important topic "Twilio".Similar to it's name this cloud communication platform has taken internet by storm.We will discuss everything about Twilio in this article in the easiest possible way.

Twilio Introduction:

  • Twilio is a company based in San Francisco, California.
  • Twilio was founded in 2007 by Jeff,Evan and John.
  • Twilio raised approximately $103 million in venture capital growth funding.
  • Twilio was ranked 8th on Most Innovative companied of 2017 list.
  • Twilio allows developer to take communication piece inside company like sms,email etc.

Twilio API:

  • Twilio API can be used to reflect programatically business rules in work flow.
  • Twilio Studio delivers the drag and drop experience.

Benefits of Twilio:

  • Twilio API helps the high cost developer to get free from basic work flow and use their time in a best possible way.
  • A faster way to build engaging customer experience.
  • Fast development and deployment of communication case.
  • An idiosyncratic scalability and reliability to take business to next level.

Twilio Pricing:

  • Twilio Free: 1000 engagement per month.

  • Plus
  1. Removes engagement limitation.
  2. Charges $99 per month plus $0.005 per engagement.In this package first 20000 engagement per month is free.

  • Enterprise: Unlimited Engagement with additional features.Starts at $10,000 per month.

Twilio Wiki:

Twilio Subsidiaries:

I am listing down the list of Twilio subsidiaries.

  • Aquarius Survivor LLC
  • Twilio IP Holding Limited
  • Beepsend AB
  • Twilio Ireland Limited
  • Twilio HongKong Limited
  • Twilio Germany 
  • Twilio Europe
  • Twilio Singapore
  • Twilio Germany
  • Twilio Colombia
  • Twilio Estonia

Twilio SMS

  • Text Messaging: Twilio API for sms is a path breaking achievement.It helps sending and receiving message over the carrier network anywhere in the world.
  • Picture Messaging:Exchange picture message between the mobile phone over the carrier network without using any App.

Twilio India:


Please find the Twilio pricing for India in the above screenshot.


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