[Stranger Danger App] Google new addition to Pixel

Stranger Danger App

Stranger Danger App


  • Introduction to stranger danger app.
  • Benefit of this app.
  • How to use this app?
  • Why to use this app?

Stranger danger is an app introduced by google for pixel.This app is one of it's kind and is very useful in protecting your videos and text messages in public places.The App uses concept of AI along with visualisation and implementation of neural network for face recognition.The best part is App respond back within 2 milli second.

Let's understand this with an example.Suppose I have some videos to watch and I want that I should be informed if someone try to watch my videos.So in this case we can use this app.Whenever anyone is trying to look at your screen this app will be produce a vomiting rainbow animation towards the stranger or the second person as shown in below pics.
Stranger Danger App

As a result you will be informed that someone is trying to see the videos running on your phone screen.Now let's understand the mechanism behind this entirely new concept.It is believed that the app is programmed using TensorFlowLite,Google latest venture into AI and machine learning.This App uses the processor in your phone rather than relying on the servers.This App also uses FaceNet, a facial recognition neural network and GazeNet ,a gaze recognition neural network to perform this unique task.
So this App is pretty helpful while you are travelling in metros,bus etc .Now your privacy is 100 % secured.Thanks to Google and AI.

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