Step by step method to Recall whatsApp Message [Whatsapp new feature]

                               Recall whatsApp Message

WhatsApp new features


  • Now delete WhatsApp message sent in last 7 minutes using 'Delete for Everyone'
  • Earlier feature was in beta phase.
  • Delete for Everyone VS  Delete for Me.
  • WhatsApp new feature is available across the platform like Android,Windows etc
A week ago 'Delete for Everyone' whatsapp feature was only available for selected number of 
people.The test was successful and now its available for everyone.To use it successfully you need to keep two points in mind.

  • It works correctly only if both the sender and receiver are using latest version of WhatsApp.
  • You can't delete the message using this feature after 7 minutes.
Go to the Playstore update your whatsApp and now go to any message sent within seven minutes and tap the message .You will find a new whatsApp feature 'Delete for Everyone' dialogue box.You can use this feature to delete message both in group as well as individual.You will now be able to see a new message "You deleted this message".

Company has said that the above feature is only beneficial in case you have sent the message by mistake or you have sent to wrong group.WhatsApp is now a part of facebook and thus has added couple of new features in last one year.

Apart from 'Delete for Everyone' WhatsApp has renamed the regular delete option as 'Delete for Me'.
You can use it for both group as well as individual message.Just tap the message you want to delete for yourself and you will find two options 'Delete for Me' and 'Delete for Everyone'.So be careful and press 'Delete for Me' in the message box.

WhatsApp NEW Features

Whats New Feature:

As you can see in above picture "WhatsApp new feature" is easy to use and is made purely user friendly so that anyone and everyone can use it. Just forget to mention by pressing cancel dialogue box you will not be able to delete any message .On in technical terms you can say that whatsapp has added a revoke or recall feature for billion of its user.

To know more about WhatsApp new features click the below link

                                          WhatsApp new features

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