6 Step by Step method to earn money online [100% Genuine and Time Tested method ]

Make money online

Make Money Online

Today we will discuss the time tested method for earning online and 100% genuine.Thier are lots of ways to make as much money as a blue collar job makes.You just need to know the basics of computer.I have seen lots of guys earning their livelihood online .Yes you heard it right if we have talent then internet is the best medium to show it to the world.Let's start .

Freelancing: I am putting freelancing at the top of the list as I believe everyone has one or other skill .So what are you waiting for? Show it to the world and get paid and that too in dollars.

1.1.What is freelancing?

Freelancing is the process of earning money by doing some work for an individual or a company.In freelancing their is no contarct like permanent job or temporary job.As the name suggest it's lancing for free.Let's understand it with an example.Suppose I am good at making website then i can list my website making skill at various freelaning website available in the market and these website will provide me clients.It's so simple isn't it?

1.2.How to work as a freelancer?

You need to first register on freelancing website and make your profile .In the profile you need to mention you skill sets and your time of availability.It's great to mention your previous work if any related to the mentioned skill set.Certification plays a crucial role so if you have done any certification in the related field then don't forget to highlight.In simple words you are selling your skill set.Below are the best freelancing websites and I will recommend to all my readers who wants to earn money online.

Lots of people are earning from these websites and you can earn as well.The best part is for each and every assignment you will be given some ratings which will help you to improve credibility for the defined skill set.The better you work the more demand you will have among clients.Slowly and gradually you will see increase in the demand and then you can increase your per hour cost or can set up a small company to take care of the work.So guys what are you waiting for?

1.3.How much can I earn from a freelancing website?

It totally depends on your potential,client satisfaction and demand of your skill set.In logical terms it's infinity.To my knowledge many are earning millions.

2.Affiliated Program.

It's the best online earning source .In short “Sky is the Limit”.First I will explain you the concept of affiliated marketing with an example.Let's say you want to buy a watch online.So either you can directly go to amazon,flipkart ,snapdeal etc and order or you will see the reviews of few watches and then click a link on the website which will again take you to amazon,flipkart etc and you buy the watch.Later is affiliated marketing.In affiliated marketing their is a seller,a buyer,a medium and an influencer who brings the buyer to the seller and in return gets so many.Have you guys ever thought why so many websites are reviewing mobile phones,watches and many more.All of them are earning money if anyone goes to amazon via clicking a link on their website.It's so easy.

Note: Making an Amazon affiliate niche website can be great way to earn. For example, check this niche website on sound dampening.

Step by Step method to earn through affiliated marketing.

1. Enrol to affiliated marketing.I will recommend amazon affiliated marketing.Please find the below screenshot of enrolling to affiliate marketing.

2. After enrolment select the product you need to do affiliated marketing.Just select a product of your interest and you have a genuine knowledge about it.Don't for get to do some keyword research about the product .

3.Buy a domain which should have keyword related to your product.

4.Buy a hosting .

5.Write something genuine about the product and you are set.

6.Add amazon affiliated link at last.

If people enjoy your reading and trust what you say about the product then definitely they will click the link on your website and buy.In return you will earn a certain commission which depends on the category you have chosen.

3.Google Opinion Rewards

Google opinion rewards App is launched recently .Google pays you for the survey.You can check below link to know more about it.


Wow! It's an awesome way to warn money.You just need to watch some videos and trust me guys you will be paid for it.Just click on below link to know more about It.


Great App to make money by simply referring others.A great idea.


I have put BITCOIN last in the last because you need to invest money to earn in true sense.Here the best part is you don't need to do anything.Simply buy some Bitcoin and leave it.After few months you will see a tremendous increase in the value of your Bitcoins.Good for long term investment.

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