Simple and Step by step method for WhatsApp Video and Audio Conferencing Call to work quickly, fast and easy

Latest update on whatsapp video calling feature is the launch of new whatsapp video and audio conferencing call .It will help whatsapp to come one step closure to its competitor as whatsapp conference video and audio feature is the most awaited one.
                                         Whatsapp Video and Audio Conferencing Call


After the launch of conferencing call feature it will be easy for MNC's and SME's to use new whatsapp video feature for group calling and managing virtual team.Companies can also use the new feature for free of cost.Whatsapp is continuous working on its strategy to match the market demand.

After the entrance of Reliance Jio and other competitor concentrating on 4G domain it has become compulsory for whatsapp to add conferencing call .

Two new features added in whatsapp for Android

1.WhatsApp has made it easy for you to apply new text font styles .
2.Search  for emojis in the latest version of its app.

Step to enable conference call on new whatsapp video calling

1.The first step is to download the apk file for enabling WhatsApp Conference Calls
2.Turn on the unknown source before installing the app.
3.After downloading the application for new whatsapp video call , open the application and click on start.
4.Select the group of person with whom you want conference call.Link will be sent to them and once they accept the link then they will be added to new whatsapp video feature.

5.Enjoy and please comment below about your new experience.

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  WhatsApp has added colourful status features in latest update.This new feature is available for both android and iphone. Millions of users are taking advantage of new whatsapp status feature across the globe.This feature is almost comparable to facebook and instagram feature of my day and my story respectively.

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