8 Step by Step Method on How to start a BLOG [Create a Blog]

                              HOW TO START A BLOG

Today guys we are discussing a very important topic and please read this idiosyncratic piece of information very carefully.Blogging is all together a  mind game.You can find tons of article about "How to start a blog".

how to start a blog

I will not be talking about the process involved in creating a blog rather will be talking about the planning and research involved .

First of all ask your self few questions.

1.How to start a BLOG ?
2.How to create a BLOG?
3.Why to create a BLOG?
4.What to do after creating a Blog?

How to start a BLOG

I hope you will be very clear in your mind with the answers of above questions before moving to the world of blog.So I will list out few things that you need to do before you create a blog.

How to start a blog Step 1 : 

Watch you tube videos on "How to start a blog".Watch those videos only which has more than a lakh views .

How to start a blog Step 2:

Go through the comment section to understand the problem faced by individuals and the solution provided to them .Always remember TIME IS MONEY and it's always better TO LEARN FROM OTHER'S EXPERIENCE.

How to start a blog Step 3:

Go through atleast ten articles on "How to start a blog".After reading these articles you will sure have few questions unanswered in your mind.Try to find the answer .Remember no one can teach you how to create a blog.The best mentor is you and only you.All the top you tubers,bloggers have learnt by themselves.My myntra on how to start a blog is just FOUR words.KEEP INNOVATING KEEP EXPERIMENTING

How to start a blog Step 4:

Now comes the planning part.Already till now you have a fair idea about blogging world and I hope you have started understanding some technical terms like blogging platform,SEO,online marketing,affiliate marketing etc.

How to start a blog Step 5:

Selection of a domain :Go to GoDaddy and buy a domain.I prefer GoDaddy over other domain seller as they charge very less for first year and anyone can afford it.One year time is more than enough to prove your mettle.


The domain which you are planning to buy should have below characteristics.

5.1 Domain should contain atleast one keyword that you are planning to target.To get a better idea about keywords use keyword planner.

How to start a blog Step 6:

Creating a Landing Page:This step is very important as most of new bloggers skip this step.First of all I will give you a brief introduction of Landing Page.This is a page where you want your readers to land i,e first page to be seen by your readers.Below are the characteristics of good landing page.

6.1.Create a clear Call to Action.
6.2.Focus on your reader viewpoint.
6.3.Construct an effective Headline.
6.4.Make your design clean and simple.
6.5.Show off your social status.

No need to worry.Their are lots of website where you can download free Landing page theme.

Flash(Wordpress):Flash is a feature-rich and fully flexible WordPress theme FREE, yet offers plenty of premium-like features. It has extensive features that let you create a beautiful landing page easily and in no time. It is based on WordPress Live Customizer so that you can live preview as you build.

Single App(Wordpress):SingleApp is a beautiful WordPress landing page theme with stunning one page parallax scrolling effect. It comes with a clean and elegant design which suits best for mobile app landing pages. 

To know in detail about the Landing Page click the below link

So once you have created the landing page you are half way done.Landing page makes the difference.You can call it feel good factor.

How to start a blog Step 7:

At present two blog platform are mostly used.I will go with blogspot and not wordpress. So guys go with blogspot with a domain for your niche.Blogspot is free of cost and provide you unlimted bandwidth though it lacks few plugin .I will say you guys to concentrate on the concept of "Content is King".Initially try to right some useful and rich content and blogspot and bring some organic traffic to your blog.

Once you get confidence and you are ready to take a further step then move to WordPress.One thing more at least for first thirty articles don't think of applying for Google Adsense or any other monetizing method.Simply concentrate on your writing skill and try to be humorous and innovative.Quality is important but you can't negate quantity.Try to write first few articles of 2000 plus words.

How to start a blog Step 8:

Inculcate habit of doing on-page SEO from the very first articles.On Page, SEO will help your post to get indexed swiftly.
After completing your article share the link to all the possible social platform.Don't forget to share your comment with the top articles in this genre.From top articles, I mean articles present on the first page of google by exploiting the concept of the comment section.Request them via mail to provide you backlink or deliver some guest post.Backlinks come under off page SEO.

What I have told in the above eight step is just the basic and your entry to the world of blogging.From here you have to move on your own.Keep experimenting keep blogging.Remember any one can show you the path and can walk with you but no one can walk for you.

Before signing off I will provide you with the screen shot of how to create a blog on blogspot?I will just show you the basic step and rest has to be done by you guys.To be a successful blogger you have to make your hand dirty.


First and foremost thing is to login to blogspot.

How to create a blog

After you will log in then you will find the above page on your laptop screen.Enter the title of your blog and then domain you want.In case your domain is not available you need to modify to available domain.After that select the theme which suits your concept of blogging and save.


How to create a blog

As you can see in above screenshot a new tab post.Just click on the tab.


How to create a blog

Just type a suitable headline for your blog and write whatever you want to write.Remember that your first article shouldn't be less than 2000 words.After writing your article and cross checking just click the publish tab.


How to create a blog

After publishing you will see the above tab where you need to click the share button to share on google plus.Always share each and every post on google plus as it will give instant boost to your post .Try to use has keyword as hashtag before sharing.


How to create a blog

So finally as you can see in the screenshot your blog is ready.So guys it doesn't take even 5 minutes to create a blog.Only key to success is HARD WORK.

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