Google Rank Brain 2017 [SEO IMPACT]

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Rank Brain
Google Rank Brain-An AI Tool

Guys today we will be talking about Rank Brain as it will be impacting your SEO to a great extent in coming future.
So lets start with the basic.

Rank Brain:Things you need to know

  • An algorithm learning artificial intelligence system.
  • Third most important factor in the ranking algorithm along with links and content.
  • Google has stated that it uses tensor processing unit (TPU) ASICs for processing RankBrain requests.

Lets try to understand with a practical example what rank brain really does and how will it impact google seo ?

Google Rain Brain

In the above screenshot you can see the query to google is when was Narendra Modi's wife born and in reply google comes up with the name of his wife by itself and this is called artificial intelligence based algorithm.In the query I haven't typed Jashodaben Narendrabhai Modi name and it came up by itself.Interesting isn't it?

What exactly does Rank brain do?

RankBrain is mainly used as a way to interpret the searches that people submit to find pages that might not have the exact words that were searched for.

Rank Brain in SEO?
To understand this first we need to understand the major thing that impact the ranking of a page.
4.Visitors and so on..........
Infact you will be astonish to know that google uses more than 200 ranking factors to rank any page.Now all these factors are feed into the Rank Brain to get a superlative search experience for users.
"Rank Brain" is the package added to the humming bird algorithm to the search query more efficient and reliable.

Infact it searches for the patterns that users' are submitting on google to provide the search for something that you aren't aware of.For e.g if you search for soccer then the search on google will also include the latest development in soccer.It's a way ahead and the first step towards AI.

Keyword Centric Concept is outdated now

Folk !you heard it right.Now time is gone to create a page keeping in mind a single keyword.It's era of user experience and keyword metrics to deliver unique content and superlative user experience.Within an epigrammatic span of time the rank brain has started showing its importance and credibility and most importantly its idiosyncratic features.Long live google !

Right now Rank Brain is only being used on long tail query and google has recently pointed out that out of millions of search everyday 15 % are new queries i,e never searched before so to survive in the era of "Rank Brain"  you need to concentrate on the below points.

1.High Organic CTR:High probability of SEO success
2.Optimise your SEO Headline and description as per Rank Brain working concept.
3.Optimise for task completion.
4.Increase search volumes and CTR using social Ads and display marketing.

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