7 STEP BY STEP SEO for Bloggers Blog [If starting a blog is an idea then SEO is the implementation]

             SEO: Search Engine Optimisation for Bloggers


I will be discussing about blogspot which is a free source and is the best among various options to start blogging.As a starter you emphasize more on learning various techniques about blogging and trust me without SEO techniques your blogging is not gonna pay you and finally you end up getting demotivated or getting a feeling that blogging is not your cup of tea.
"Blogging is for anyone and everyone"

Their are only two reasons we do blogging.Either for fun or for passion.Money comes latter .For me blogging is legacy for bloggers and it is a very powerful medium to take your passion to the next level.Keep blogging......Never Give Up.

So lets come on the today's topic.I am just putting a very simple query in front of you all and most importantly to the beginner's.Why SEO for blogging?OK.....Fine let me explain you .Suppose you are a person who loves travelling and want to let the whole world know about the speciality of different places you visit.So you thought of making a blog and helping everyone.But stop ! yes stop ! Helping is ok but letting people know is NOT ok.Yup it's not ok because just by making the blog you will not reach out to each tom and harry.A lot of mathematics is involved in the algorithms of any of the search engine you use i,e Google,Bing etc.So here comes the concept of SEO .In simple words SEO helps your post to reach out to those person who wants to visit different places and thus looking for information to make their favourite list to visit.So If starting a blog is an idea then SEO is the implementation.

I will be talking about SEO for bloggers as I use BLOGSPOT platform.


Folk ! Simply work on below SEO tips and you can gradually see the difference.


Research well and in depth about the niche you want to target.I will ask you few questions to help you get a clear idea about your niche.Ask below questions to yourself.
1.What all topics can I speak or write ?
2.What all topics I love to get information?
3.What is the reason behind selecting these topics?
4.Am I updated on the recent development surrounding my selected topics?
5.Can I write frequently on these topics?
6.What are the websites,channels and articles are there to get information about these topics?
Once you are able to answer these questions it means picture is clear in your mind about selection of your niche.So now you have to do research for selecting your domain and keyword.I will advice you to use keyword planner for getting an idea about your keyword selection.For e.g you have decided to write a blog on "how to do SEO" .So type "how to do SEO" in keyword planner and get an idea of the keywords which bring traffic.


So once you type "How to do SEO" in keyword planner and click get ideas .You will find set of related keywords with number of monthly searches.Depending upon the keyword potential it is divided in low,medium and high .So as a new blogger always select keywords with low competition .So after selecting the set of keywords for your blogspot blog you need to get a domain which reflects these keywords.For e.g "Bloggersblogseo.com" you can take in this case.


After selecting your niche and domain now it's time to start blogging.Blogging means content and still "Content is the king" in the eyes of any search engine.Plagiarism of content will drop the ranking of any blog in search engine so folk NEVER EVER DO COPY AND PASTE .In content marketing their is no shortcut to success.Try to use more data,figures and infographics. Adding a video can increase the visibility to a great extent and can add loads of traffic in very small span of time. Atleast 20 great content article is needed for any blog to decide its fate.Before posting check the density of your keywords and it should be in the ratio of 3:10 .For e.g if you have a blog with 100 words and you are using "BLOGGERS BLOGSPOT SEO " as your keywords then it should be minimum present as phrase or words 20 times .Your content should be innovative,engaging and should depict some knowledge regarding the post topic.


Hey now comes the real trick.Just follow the below step to complete the process .We will discuss once you are done .

Step #1: Go to Blogger Dashboard and navigate to Template >> Back Up Template. Then click on “Edit HTML” button.
Step #2: Now find below code in your blog Template.
<b:include data=’blog’ name=’all-head-content’/>
If you can’t find below code, find below HTML tag.
Step #3: Right below on any of above two code, paste below HTML Meta code for search engines.
<b:if cond=’data:blog.url == &quot;http://www.bloggersneverquit.com/&quot;’>
<meta content=’Description about your blog ‘ name=’description’/>
<meta content=’Keywords for which you want to rank,‘ name=’keywords’/>

Step #4: Now do these customizations…
Replace http://www.bloggersneverquit.com/ with your own blog address.
So guys please add the above codes to help you get indexed by google.The above codes are very important and should be added for every post.It helps google to understand more about your post and blog.

                                                    BLOGGERS BLOGSPOT SEO TIP #4: 

Interlinking plays a crucial role in generating a proper site map for your blog.Google bots crawl all the new posts and if you want bots to crawl your site on regular basis then you have to take care of two things.
1.Post on regular basis.
2.Interlink the posts of your blog in proper manner.

For internal interlinking you need to follow the tricks of interlinking every post with atleast previous three posts keeping in mind that it makes sense.More the interlinking better the visibility.
Keep in mind the first link on your page should be an internal link and then you can put external link to your post.


Using of header tag carefully is very important as google collect information that are available in these tags and so use tag <H1>.......<H6> in a well planned manner. H1 tag has highest priority and H6 the least .You can use only one H1 tag but other tags can be used multiple times.


Blogspot comment section opens the door for more and more engagement and trust me it will take your blog to next level.

Keep in mind while replying to the comments try using your keywords and see the result.


Hope you guys have heard about RSS feed and it still is an important medium to prove your mettle in the world of SEO.

You can set up RSS feed for your blog using Feedburner. Setting up blog RSS Feed for your blog does not only collect some regular readers, but also help search engines to crawl latest updated content quickly.After you setup the RSS feed for your blog, you can activate the Pingshot service to notify other services to crawl your website as soon as you updated your blog.

If you are interested to know about SEO IN 2018 please click below link



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