Step by step method to use OneAD quickly : The best FREE earning App of the year


OneAD app can help you to earn a lot of money and most importantly just by referring.First I will try to explain the concept behind the earning. OneAD earns by showing advertisement on the installed app.

Step 1: Download the OneAD app from play store.

Step 2: Start the process of registration.After filling your details they will ask for Referral code and you need to mention  7PZ74N  as your reference code.

Step 3: Once you have registered you will find the below dashboard.


Here you can see the active users currently is 118.

At the left most column you can see oneAD balance which depicts the amount you can withdraw.
The middle section shows the monthly expected income .The right column shows the amount you have withdrawn till date.Once you register you will have your own refer code which you can share with your friends and on social media platform and ask them to download your app.

Step 4: Below pictures show your network.The network is divided into levels and the maximum level limit is 10th level.
Suppose you ask your six friends to download the App on Level 1 and they ask their 6 friends to download on level 2 and so on......At tenth level you can earn upto 2.5 lakh.

Step 5:So guys don't waste a second and start at the earliest.

Above screenshot gives you a fair idea about how to go ahead with OneAD app.

All the best folk......Happy Earning

Click below link to earn just by watching videos 


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