Successful Bloggers are nothing but a LOGICAL salesperson

Successful Bloggers

This is an important post and a controversial one.Most of the successful bloggers I have met or read about says blogging is their hobby,passion blah....blah.... Ofcourse they said what they felt but I will add simply a word "LOGICAL" Passion,hobby etc.So after posting a few articles on their website or blogs most of the bloggers start searching a way to monetize their blog and end up getting nothing.

In todays' world where lots of blogs are started everyday you need to have a proper plan to taste success.You should be aware of the know-how of blog marketing to get success at the earliest.There are few lucky chap and good gifted ones who are well determined to even achieve success on their own terms.

I am a firm believer of life living on your own terms is the best life lived.So now lets see how the successful bloggers are a logical salesperson.

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Who is a salesperson ?

An individual who sells goods and services to other entities. The success of a salesperson is usually measured by the amount of sales he or she is able to make during a given period and how good that person is in persuading individuals to make a purchase. If a salesperson is employed by a company, in some cases compensation can be decreased or increased based on the amount of goods or services sold.

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I am listing below 7 top qualities that makes a great sales person  

1.They build their businesses one customer at a time and then always leverage the last customer into more customers.2.They don't think in terms of sales but rather in terms of building a business.3.They listen more than they speak, getting an understanding of the customer's needs and then finding a solution.4.They deliver more than they promise, and always promise a lot! 5.They invest their time in things (people) that positively affect their income and avoid spending time on things (people) that have no return.6.They're willing to invest in networking, community and relationships, knowing that the difference between a contact and a contract is the "R" that stands for "Relationship."7.They don't depend on marketplace economies for their outcomes and instead rely on their actions.

So lets' discuss the similarities between a successful blogger and a sales person.

A successful blogger will never think of monetization until and unless he is satisfied with the number of loyal visitors.His first and foremost interest is to create quality content and gain the trust of his audience.

Even before starting his/her blog he/she has already done homework on which topics to be selected and what are the keywords which defines the topic at google .So once the person has gain the trust he will start recommending the product which leads to monetization through affiliated marketing.Now a days Amazon is the king of affiliated marketing which we will discuss at the later stage.

Before proceeding further don't forget to enjoy the most controversial articles.

Bloggers blogging best quality

I am a great fan of Mr Amir Khan and his masterpiece "3 Idiot".I hope most of us would have really cherished and mesmerized the below lines from the movie.
Best Blogging Techniques

So I hope you would have understood a lot till now and if not then trust me you guys rocks .So these successful bloggers spend most of their time in not writing good content but building database .Yes Guys ! you heard it right .Subscriber is not thing but building database in blogging terms.Moving further they also spend money on promoting their content like a salesperson spend on getting leads.They regularly analyse their google analytics to keep udated about the keywords which keeps them on top in google search and in similar way a salesperson also keeps a check of hot and cold leads.
These successful bloggers too have very deep hunger inside to get more and more subscriber,sharing ,likes etc and similarly a successful salesperson are passionate about their sales target.

For a salesperson trusted client is like a cow in marketing terms as he will give atleast few good leads and out of them one or two will sure get converted and will bring business.Similarly for a blogger a good backlink from a trusted blogger can enhance the traffic as never before.
So guys above is a few theoretical comparison but I would like to say finally all what matters is your love for your passion.
Be like a salesperson person who approaches lots of person to get one client.So keep writing articles until and unless your hard work is recognised.
Happy blogging.


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