Blogging is a LEGACY for Bloggers

                        Legacy is not something to leave for people but to leave in people:Peter

Blogging is legacy for Bloggers

   Hey guys hope you all are doing great and in best of your health.Yesterday a thought flashed to my mind.I was wondering if we can discuss it here.Like you all motivated "wanna be bloggers" I am also putting down lots of stuff on this blog.As we all know time is money and regularly putting atleast an hour on this blog and not getting any output as of now.So what to do.Just smoking a cigarette can't take away the tension for long.Am I simply killing my time?Will I ever be successful?Everyday a large number of person starts blogging and give up either in few days or months.Whats' the success rate?Come'on gimme some space.

So guys don't worry at all about above questions.I will for sure help you to come out of this psychopath.Before going further don't forget to atleast have a look on below articles.

Blogging is not only about passion,hobby etc but its' also about things you wanna say to this world but you are not able to.In simple words its' about expressing your thought your views and its' all about your freedom of thoughts.Please never take blogging only for monetisation.Just think for a sec bloggers you started blogging a week ago and you pen down an article a week so in an year you will have 40 to 52 articles.After writing every article you have given your best in promoting it to every social media platform but the visibility of your article was not as expected which happens in most of the cases.So now only thought that strikes your mind is that you are not capable and its' high time now to drop your idea of further blogging.

Motivation for Blogging

                                           Check this link to build up your confidence.

Now after an year you have atleast forty articles which express you in short.Just think while writing these articles what all came to your mind .Think and cherish the moment you spend while writing .I am damn sure you will feel good.How can you give up ?Just because last forty articles has not done well.Oh God ! Really are you so weak from inside?You need to answer these questions to yourself and not to anyone else.Most of the bloggers fail just because they couldn't justify and convince themselve to take one more step.You never know which article of yours will become viral and make you popular over night.
                                                                         Whats' the Life,
                                                                            Full of Care,
                                                               We have no time to stand & stare.

Infact you have created a Legacy which will be followed by millions in coming days.

Never the effort goes waste.Just blogger needs to have patience and innovative style of writing.With time and experience if not every then most of the blogs will grow.Bloggers attitude is sometime which is put on test time and again.
                                                       Blogging is a Journey
Legacy is something which is transferred to your younger generation.No shotcut for bloggers.Blog and bloggers need to be matured and perfect .

While bloggers are expressing their thoughts in terms of an article they should ask themselves these simple question.
Have I given my best?
Am I able to pen down what I really want to?

The answer lies within you.Every blogger is a successful blogger if he is able to pen down what he really wants to.

Test yourself after every article.Give yourself marks on various parameters like grammar, wording, quality, expression and many other.

You will always be a successful blogger until and unless you have decided you are not.

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Keep blogging
Happy blogging

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