Blogging for myself

Blogging for youself

Hey guys hope you would have loved my first article .Just start writing whatever comes to your mind.This article is in continuation with the last one.I am also doing the same thing what I am saying you guys to do.So we should start blogging for ourself Right?

First of all just pick up any topic that comes to your mind.Remember in the childhood how we used to write essays.If nothing is coming to your mind then start writing about a review of latest movie that you have loved or hated.I hope you will try.Like you guys I am simply writing on blogging for myself.

Incase if you  have missed my last article then you can read it by just clicking below link

                                                        Bloggers don't GIVE UP
So what will happen if I will keep writing about any thing or every thing which comes to my mind.Will I be acknowledged in bloggers community?Will I be able to monetize?
My heart says yes I will but my brain says Damit! are you a NERD? So guys now you all have to decide whom to follow heart or brain.

Anyways lets start with some logical calculation.

Suppose my first post gets a view say 10 and none of them subscribe to my mail list and this happens to my other 10 posts.Oh God ! I am simply wasting my time?Am I not a good blogger ?I think I don't have in me.All the above thoughts are very common and if you are getting it then nothing is abnormal in it.
So two things can happen in the next few days.The first one is you give up and all your dreams of being a blogger gets a full stop .Second one is you will have patience and will try for few more days and if you are lucky then any of your post will get a good visibility and boost your confidence .So can we conclude that blogging is totally dependent on luck? Ofcourse not I am sure and can give you in writing that no article is bad until and unless it is copied.Every fresh article is as good as other just you need to reach out to correct audience and trust me this takes time.If you don't know the correct worlds' population then atleast you must be having a wage figure in your mind and thats enough to understand that their are enough people in this world who will for sure like and share your article.

So lets' start

Happy Blogging


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