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This is infact the first post of this Blog.I request to all the wanna be bloggers not to give up.Their is a vast opportunity in blogging.Most of the top Indian bloggers tell about how to start blogging.Why to start blogging but why don't they talk about bloggers to NOT give up.

Infact to my understanding their is no hard and fast rule to blogging.I feel that we should just speak out our mind."CONTENT IS THE KING". People are talking about advertising and other marketing tactics to promote your blog.Do they really matters when you are starting blogging.I believe and have experienced the best way of learning is through implimenting the "NEVER BEFORE IMPLEMENTED MIND THOUGHTS".

I will just point out few points which a wanna be blogger should keep in mind.

1. Start blogging 

Simply start writing whatever comes to your mind.Trust me this far better than thousand of articles you have read on blogging.Once you have started writing then go to the article on internet according to your need .These needs can be related to SEO,SEM,PPC,Online marketing .....Blah...blah....blah

2. Try to Pen down more and more thoughts

Once you will start blogging lots of story will come to your mind but at first you will not be able to pen down even a 10 percent of it.
So here comes the difference between a matured blogger and a new comer.Try to produce more and more of your thought process.

3. Patience is the key

Rome was not built on a single day nor any successful person can claim that he succeded in the first attempt.So have patience, YOU CAN AND YOU WILL.Trust me the top bloggers of India are also blogging from not more than 8 years .So you are not behind .You have many intelligent way to prepare your self for blogging.

4. Don't Dream too HIGH

Its' always said to dream high but I will differ never ever dream too high atleast for the first fifty articles of your blog because dreaming high can burn your patience level and you will end up doing NOTHING.Your blog is your asset and build it slowly and carefully.

5. Love what you do and more importantly do what you LOVE.

Right few articles which will start a thought process in your mind.Initially I know you will write on any topic and every topic but say after 10 to 15 articles you will be sure what you are good at and what you are NOT.Once you have found your passion just start your never ending journey of blogging.

6. Quality is better than quantity

Once you have found your passion start working on quality of the article rather than quantity.A single article if it reaches to million people is far better than thousands of articles reaching to few people.

7. Copy and Paste and you are GONNA

Never copy and paste any article from any blog .If you are doing so then it means you have ended your blogging career.Its' better to write bulshit rather than copying.

8. Experiment with your article and way of writing

Innovation is the key to success in 21st century so keep experimenting with your writing skill.Any article can become viral and make you someone from noone.

    I hope you would have loved this article.

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