4 Tips to increase traffic on your BLOG just in a DAY ! Shocked? Read it UP WANNA BE BLOGGERS'

Tips to increase organic traffic to your blog

Hey Guys so how's your blogging going on.I hope till now you  have atleast started writing sometime which comes to your mind.I am sharing my experience to help you to get a kick ass start.We will mostly talk in numbers as mathematics never lie.Here I will help you to get  trustworthy and organic visitors.For first time bloggers organic visitor means traffic coming to your blog by google,bing etc search engine and it depends totally on which google page is your page ranked.I hope like me most of you also click the link on the first page of your google search.

                                      "Experimenting is the Key to Blogging"

Bloggers Blogging Experiments

4 Tips to increase traffic on your BLOG just in a DAY

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So lets' discuss how can you increase traffic on your blog?Before writing this post I just searched on google about this topic and found a lot of article saying there own ways of "How to increase traffic on your Blog".So then guys, why you will read this article as this topic, has been discussed time and again and by multiple bloggers.So just answer me "Why will you read this article again?" .I hope once you complete reading this blog you will get the answer.

1. Facebook Page for your Blog

Create a facebook page for your blog so that it will help you to increase your reach as a new blogger.Try to engage your facebook fans more and more as they will give you correct feedback about your blog and blogging techniques.

It will be just like crowd sourcing as they may be interested in writing some articles for your blog.Increase in facebook fan is directly proportional to increase in traffic on your blog.

Blogging and sharing Tips

2. Sharing your Blog to specific groups

Since you have written a wonderful article so half of your work is done so now start sharing your blog to specific group.Here from specific group I mean group related to the topic you have written article about.For e.g if you have written article about coffee then share it to the group like "Coffee Fan Club","Coffee Lovers" etc.The more you share the better your blog visibility will be.

Blogging Traffic Increase

Subscribing Tips for Blogging

Come on guys I hope everyone of you reading this article must be knowing the importance of subscriber.If you get a chance to visit the top bloggers' you would have seen their Fan list .The more the number of fans the better will be traffic.To get large number of subscriber you need to write good article and yes most importantly it shouldn't be copy past.The best part of having more subscriber is the time you publish you article it will become viral all all social media platform.

4. Keep Experimenting with your Blog:

Last but not the least keep experimenting with your writing skill and look and feel of the blog.Their is huge population who loves to blog and who loves to read others' blog so never worry about any mistake .Trust me keep trying and you will get a know how within a couple of months what best works for you.

Blogging plan for increasing organic Traffic

Do let me know what all the challenges you are facing as a new blogger.Feel free to comment.

Happy Blogging !


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