2017:What Holi Means to #bloggers

We will be talking about Holi for bloggers.I hope my friends who often read this blog must have atleast once given a thought "HOLI + BLOGGING+BLOGGERS".Its' seriously food for thought.
Blogging for Holi

So guys before moving further just promise to yourself that this holi each one of you will sure blog what comes to your mind.I will try my best to help you and give you all the reasons to do blogging this holi.Have you ever given a thought why lots of content are being written for some trending or new topics or some new discovery or some ridiculous mishap.The answer is lots of search at google engine.For example like any big incidence (9/11) which took lives of many was a trending topic and was getting lots of organic search so bloggers start blogging and even a single article well written on the trending topic can bring you lots of traffic and loyal readers.This is the background of todays' trick of blogging for holi.

Check the below articles to get inspiration and motivation "Wanna be Bloggers".

1.Legacy for Bloggers
2.Successful Bloggers

No doubt holi is one of the biggest festival of India.People all over the world love reading about holi which directly influence the organic search .Now sure the question will come to your mind how your page will get listed on the top in google to garner more traffic.

We are soon gonna start tutorial on blogging and bloggers where we will not only explain the techniques of successful bloggers but also what miracle can it bring to "Wanna be bloggers".

For the time being just concentrate on "ON-PAGE "seo and target keyword holi for the article.In leyman language use more and more holi word in correct grammatical form to increase the density of holi word on your page and bring it on top in google search.
 Moving further the next question in your mind will be to what should I write about holi.I have tried my best to come up with some great topics and I hope it will give you atleast some idea.

1.Origin of Holi.
2.Best Practices followed to play Holi.
3.Holi and Hinduism.
4.How Holi has taken shape over the period of time?
5.Urban Holi and Rural Holi

and many more.........

So bloggers without wasting a single second start blogging and try to make the article interactive and giving some positive message at the end.You can also pen down your story and put some pics of yours and yours family and friend playing holi.To add a spice you can also write about few celebrity and their ways of playing hoi.

Happpy Holi
Happy Blogging


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