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All You Need to Know About AIRSWAP, The Next Big Cryptocurrency Exchange


My last blog post was on 'airdrop' and now I am writing on 'airswap'.The common word is air which is very essential for human beings to survive.I know that all of us know these basics.Have you ever thought that 'air' word is slowly and gradually becoming very important for the survival of cryptocurrency world also?
Today we are gonna talk something very serious and important.As discussed in the last piece of writing about the unorganized nature of the cryptocurrency world, we are always prone to digital theft, scam and much more new terms to come :)
Initially, we started with online wallet then moved to hardware wallet and let's see what the next big thing?
One thing we all need to understand that still, the cryptocurrency ecosystem is evolving and you will first find new problems followed by a solution which will further bring change in the cryptocurrency ecosystem.
The process will continue until we reach a stable stage or we get a better …

[Airdrop Cryptocurrency] All You Need To Know About Earning Free Cryptocurrency

AirDrop Cryptocurrency
I love the name 'Airdrop' and my love for this word reached new heights the time it got associated with cryptocurrency.Before writing this article I did some experiment.I went to some people in malls and restaurants and asked them few questions.You will not believe the response I received.
What is Airdrop? What is Airdrop meaning? What is Airdrop Cryptocurrency? What is Airdrop in Cryptocurrency?
I asked these four questions randomly to get a clear idea about people's understanding of this term.Before moving further I would literally love to know your guesses? Can you Guys, tell me that what would have been the response of most of the individuals I approached.One thing I will definitely love to disclose and it's very simple.Any Guess? Boys performance were way ahead as compared to girls when it comes to the above questionnaire.
We will talk about the outcome of the questionnaire later. Let's begin...
[What is AirDrop Cryptocurrency?]
The phenomeno…


What does HODL mean for cryptocurrency traders?

First of all, thank you Guys for keeping patience.I am back with yet another article.Many of my readers were interested in knowing 'what does hodl mean' in a practical way.Before writing this blog post I have searched on the internet and found that a lot has already been written about HODL.In fact, I was bit scared that I need to come up with something new else no use of writing this article for me and definitely you will also not be interested in reading the same old thing again and again. Let me try and see whether I succeed or NOT.
#hodl at twitter
[What does HODL mean?] HODL is an internet meme which is mostly used by cryptocurrency community when referring to hold the cryptocurrency rather than selling it.I am not sure whether you have heard the name of the person who is behind the term 'hodl'.The term was coined by Gamekyuubi by mistake.In fact, it was a typo error. It's better you read the entire story yourself.

[Cryptopia Exchange Fees] Is Cryptopia Legit or Scam? [How to buy coins on Cryptopia?]

How to buy coin on Cryptopia exchange?

I was planning from a couple of weeks to write an article on Cryptopia cryptocurrency exchange.I have seen its popularity growing day by day.I will try my best to cover all the important points related to Cryptopia exchange.Trust me Guys, you are sure gonna enjoy this blog post on Cryptopia.

Cryptopia is a legitimate cryptocurrency exchange registered in New Zealand under the name Cryptopia Limited.The company was founded by Robert Dawson and Adam Clark way back in 2014 with a clear motive to develop a peer-to-peer cryptocurrency exchange.In order to achieve it, Cryptopia came up with a cryptocurrency marketplace where you can buy, sell and trade almost everything using cryptocurrency.Seriously, Guys, I have loved this idea and the success of Cryptopia can only put more light on this kind of business model.

Cryptopia is trying to penetrate the cryptocurrency exchange market by providing an opportunity to trade in almost any cryptocurrency.At pre…